Thursday, November 8, 2012

TTT: Video edition

I had this brilliant idea this morning.  I was going to do my usual Three Things Thursday (TTT), but since I hadn't vlogged in a few weeks I could just do my three things via video.  Something different or actually merging some of my styles together, but also for a few of my points I felt it easier to discuss the topic then try and write a book about it.

I had my videos all done and went to transfer them onto my computer.  You know, easy peasy, 1-2-3.  Except my computer decided today that it was just too full of video/photo files and didn't have room for my files for today.  Ack!  I guess this needed to be done anyway, but I spent the next few hours moving files around, burning some onto storage disc, yada, yada, yada.  Also mixing in taking care of my 4 year old at home with me, stopping to clean/get things done and just when I was about done a child called with a "personal emergency" and I needed to go to the school.  Yaaaaaaaay!  (not really)

I didn't get my videos loading to youtube until after 12 noon and the last ones are still processing.  So I'm going to post my first 2 things then come back and post the 3rd.  I still have things I want to get done today, the kids are coming home from school and I suppose I have to cook supper for them (they are kind of weird like that, wanting to eat a home cooked meal every. single. night....hahahahaha)  Without further delay here are your TTT:

1. I'm NOT injured

2. Twitter
3. Screaming Pumpkin recap.  This is the last video(s) I'm waiting to upload to youtube.  I will give you a very brief written review of what I took over 30 minutes to tell you.

On the plus side:  super awesome swag.  seriously that is about the only good thing of the race.

On the down side:  lack of organization & many things mishandled

*There was a tent with several lines and A LOT of people.  No signage as to what line to get into to.  I spent 10 minutes in one line to find out I was in the wrong place then had to go to the back of an already long (and getting longer) line to wait even more.

*Their computers crashed, they apparent was not expecting this at all because it took them over an hour to come up with a plan B which after a lot of frustration amounted to you writing your name down on a piece of paper.  I was actually most understanding about the fact that the computers crashed.  Crap happens, they didn't mean for it or want for it to happen.  How they handled it was not ok.

*Several people were also cutting the line.  Either secretly on the side and helpers were sliding them a number and their gear while the rest of us waited or one man who blatantaly stepping in front of those of us who had already waited for over an hour.  Yeah, I feel for the worker who was faced with a man demanding his number because he "had" to start "NOW" vs. an angry crowd yelling for this man to get in the back of the line (there was seriously almost a riot about to break out).  But I found it so wrong, unprofessional, whatever you want to call it that she gave into the man and gave him his stuff.  I know they can't help that people were cutting, but it was handled in such a frustrating way.

*In the mean time, despite being told that the race would not start until all was checked in, they started anyway.  For a race that is based on you getting to start when you want, they couldn't even honor that and then carried on as if everything was ok. 

*after waiting for OVER a HOUR,  I finally got a number then moved to get my swag, but I was not on the list.  Their list had not been updated since Oct. 15, 11 days before the race.  I understand having a cut off day, but really it's not complicated to run a current roaster within 24 hours of the event.  Little Oriental lady was rude about my name not being on list, but finally with a rude auttitude gave me what I wanted and had paid for.

ok, those are just the highlights.  I will post my verbal video recap of the race once it finished loading to youtube.  RC Management:  I really am a nice, loving, understand beyond belief runner, but what happened that night was unbelievable and I really hope you get it together.  In theory I LOVE this race, but won't ever come again until I know things are run like they should be.

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