Thursday, November 1, 2012

Three Things Thursday - Ugh!

1.  This Saturday, we will finally have a memorial service for my father-in-law and officially lay him to rest.  I have so much to do in the next 24 hours it seems impossible.  (So I better hurry this up since in theory I have no time to do this!)  I can already feel a huge mix of emotions surging upon me.  Just when I was having many long stretches of feeling "ok" with it all, I have to go back and revisit it all now.  Ugh!

2.  Yesterday was Halloween.  We had a great time with the day, dressing up & having fun out trick or treating.  I LOVE to dress up and have fun on this day with the kids.  I don't do it to get candy (trust me my kids get enough themselves), but I enjoying being in costume just for the sake of it.  This year I matched my youngest son as an Army solider.
For me, my "costume" was actually my military issued uniform from almost 20 years ago.  (Yes, they still fit.)  At the end of the day I really wondered how in the world I wore Army boots every day like that.  Ouch!  It's easier to run a marathon than suffer a day in those things. Anyway, right now I have a 4 year old having a melt down because at 8 a.m. in the morning I won't let her have candy for breakfast.  Ugh! 

3.  Don't forget about my AdvoCare giveaway.  You still have through tomorrow to enter.  As of now, one person is set to win it all.  Come on, give her a little competition!!  Even if you don't want to enter, would you at least consider passing on the love with the info.  Post it on your facebook page, tell your friends about it, etc.  I promised to show you my costume that I ran in.  Last Friday when I ran the Screaming Pumpkin (I know I am overdue for a complete race recap of that) I ran my 13.1 miles in a bunny costume.  Here is one of the pictures snapped of me.
(An upclose look before the horrible race  fun began)

One of the very few highlights of the race was hearing many comments and cheers as I ran the course.  Makes the effort worth it, although I also enjoyed doing it just for the sake of having fun too.  Even if you don't enter my giveaway I really would love to see you running in a costume - just for the fun of it!  Email it to me ( or post it on my facebook page.

Don't forget to welcome in November today!  2 months left in the year.....where has the time gone?  Ugh!

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