Monday, December 3, 2012

Sock It To Me

For many years I have only worn one kind of sock when I work out.  A plain white ankle sock.  B-ooooor-ring!  Actually I never gave much thought to my work out attire, least of all my socks.  In the last year or so I've been changing that up a little.....ok, A LOT!  It all started with my switching to workout skirts, then I started moving away from cotton shirts (although I do still have a few) and finally I started adding in the socks.  I blogged about my fashion movement here.  It's not about looking cute, because that is not what I want.  I have found that it doesn't matter how I want to look anyway I'm a sweaty hot mess anytime I'm working out.

Anyway, as I noted in my fashion post, I have ALWAYS been a lover of socks and especially knee highs.  It goes way back to my teen years.  Coming into adulthood I felt I had to hide this aspect of me.  There is actually a lot that I tried to hide, always afraid to be the real me.  Slowly, but surely, that has changed.  I've always had the socks, I would only wear them under my jeans.  Not ever really for anyone but myself to see.  Now, I don't believe in going to extreme lengths just to "show off" my socks.  But if I have a pair to wear and it matches what I'm wearing then I don't care what anyone thinks I'm going to wear it.

I have no aversion to plain white ankle socks.  There is actually a time and place for them and sometimes that is what looks best with what I'm wearing.  As you can see here I, for the most part, like a lot of color and patterns.
Some are ankle socks, but a majority of them are knee highs.  Some are plain/solid colored, but most are patterned.  And yet, I often feel like I don't have enough socks.  Or at least enough variety, because I can go, oh a month and never wear the same sock twice.  So quantity is not the issue, but quality.  Don't tell my husband though, almost every time we go to the store he finds me veering off into the sock aisle because I'm always on the lookout for more, new, different, holiday, etc. socks.  There is also the issue of wear and tear. Some of my socks I've had for years, some are poorly made and don't last as long.  I make every wear count and wear them until they are pitched into the trash for good.
Time for the trash?  If you look closely they are in the above picture too.  I really loved this pair & am having a hard time saying good bye.

Of course a good & fun alternative to me having to buy so many new/different pairs would be, ah-ahem, to receive a pair (or several) as a present.  Have I mentioned before that I love getting presents? Hmmmmm....

Well, I've found a partial solution to this addiction problem of not enough variety in my sock drawer.  Thanks to a post by Blue Grass Tri Chick I came across a holiday sock swap/exchange being held by Third Time's a Charm Runner.  If you want to participate you can find all the details here.  If you just want to shower me with love via a new pair of extremely cool socks, just ask, I'll tell you my address :)

What do you like to wear for socks?  Either for your workouts or everyday socks?


  1. Ooooo - I want in that sock exchange! Like you, I Loooooove fun socks! :)

  2. I have some compression too, didn't put those in my picture. It's amazing how many people think that because it's a knee high it's automatically a compression sock. A lot of people ask me about them and I always clarify they are not compression. Although with my big running calves, even regular everyday knee highs give me just a little slight compression.

    I've never hear of Lunatik Athletiks. Kind of funny, to me, my maiden name is Luna so I was always the butt of Lunati(c)k jokes growing up. Will go check it out.