Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Tuesday's Tunes - Baby It's "Cold" Outside

Lately I've been deferring most of my runs until the afternoon.  Mostly so I can get some city streets ran (in neighborhoods I will only take to in the daylight), but also because the sun is bright & warm and it makes the run just easier to tackle.  Temperature might also have played a role.  Although I'm not one to shy away from temps, more specifically cold ones, as it is that time of year for such conditions.  I tend to live by two mottos:

I realize that everyone is different and we each have our personal limit on what we'll endure in terms of weather, temperature and other conditions of that nature.  I seem to have no limits or very limited ones.  Day, night, hot, cold, rain, snow....you name it and I'm not afraid to venture out in it.  Mind you, I'm not going to do anything really stupid with some conditions (so quit waggin' your finger and save the lecture).  There is a time and place for a treadmill, although for me that is rare and far in between.  So when the too cold weather topic comes up I want to yell SUCK IT UP YOU WEENIE!  Wear proper clothing and get moving so your body warms up....it's not that cold!  Cold is just a state of mind!  But...ok, ok....to each their own. (ya, big baby).

Moving on.....I have not done a Tuesday's Tunes in awhile.  Primarily because I have been running in the afternoon  & I will allow myself to use headphones.  With that I am enjoying the aspect of listening to audio books.  If I have to choose between sitting and reading all afternoon or going out for a run....you know the run will win!  So I've nixed the tunes for the last month or so.  However today for you all, my millions thousands hundreds handful of loyal fans, I got up for a 5 a.m run, while it was 16 (but felt like 12) degrees outside and ran while listening (sans headphones) to music.

Toy Solider - Martika 
Fly On the Wall - Miley Cyrus 
Bye Bye Bye - N'Sync 
Wildfire - Michael Martin Muphey 
The Tide is High - Atomic Kitten 
Rise and Sing - Fee 
Love is a Right Place - Bryan White 
Reign In Us - Starfield 
Can't We Try - Dan Hill & Vonda Shepard 
Lose My Soul - Toby Mac 
Dumb Dog - Annie Soundtrack 
I Get Weak - Belinda Carlisle 

What is your running cold temperature limit?  Someone please tell me I'm not alone.
Do you like to listen to anything while you run?


  1. a) I don't run
    b) Regardless of what I am doing I can't handle any temp below 50 and sometimes that's even cold
    c) Before you tell me I'm a baby, remember that I'm old and my blood doesn't flow like it used to
    d) Feel sorry for me because I have Raynaud's Disease and because you love me
    e) Therefore, I swim. Does that make me as cool as you? I certainly hope so.
    f) You're a STUD!!!(ette)

  2. I didn't realize you swim. Suzie, my dear, you are always just as cool as me...often cooler! That's why we make such good friends. Probably why we can't live close together....people could not handle all that awesomeness in close proximity.

    Now everytime I run I'll think of you all bundled up in a blanket telling me it's TOO COLD :)