Thursday, December 13, 2012

Three Things Thursday: Mothers, Daughters & 12 mile runs

1.  I got a note & package from my mom the other day.  The note was slightly puzzling as she "lectured" me about being careful what I put on the internet & social media.  I need to be more responsible and she's not always going to be there to bail me out of my mouth getting me in trouble.  Ummm.....ok????  I will be the first to admit I'm a pretty open person with my life.  But even I know somethings are not meant to ever be posted for the world to see.  However when I full opened the package, this is what I found:
Ha, ha!  Good joke Mom!  She had me going, but only for a second.  My mom has always been one of my #1 fans in life and is always listening & paying attention to what I (or others) say to know just how to bless them.  Hmmmmm, sounds an awful lot like me!  Yes, in many ways....I AM JUST LIKE MY MOTHER!  In more ways than one, in good ways & in bad.  Thanks Mom for the socks, I love them!!  *Mwah*

2. Well,I guess the apple doesn't fall far from the tree around here either.  Like mother, like daughter.  Yada....yada....  Yesterday about mid morning (baby) Carmen came to me while I was working on the computer, thrust the camera into my hands and announced "I made a video".  I did noticed that she had disappeared upstairs for awhile and was awfully quiet.  Not too unusual for her.  She's the baby and gets away with murder loves messing with electronics.  She works my phone & ipod better than I can sometimes.  For some reason her announcement had a special hint to it so I watched it right away.  She stood there with the biggest grin and said "just like you momma!"   Awwwww, melt my little heart, it's my daughter's first vlog:

You might need to listen a few times to catch everything she says and disregard her mumble jumble handling of the camera.  Unlike her momma she kept it really short & to the point.  Otherwise, I see potential and a future for her ; )

3. So?  Did you do anything special to "celebrate" 12-12-12?  It almost didn't happen, but I did get in a 12.12 mile run.  Let me tell you, it was NO rainbow & unicorn run where I easily glided along at a fast pace.  I'd say at least 50% of the time it really sucked.  I knew by mile 3 that it wasn't going to be pretty.  I considered calling my daughter to come pick me up.  This was right at the point where I was heading out into the country portion of my run.  I just wasn't "feeling it" and my legs kind of ached.  Not quite hurt, but something funky was going on with my legs & I'm pretty sure I heard them yell "STOP!  Just stop and go home!"  I'm not very good at listening to this voice and I kept going even though there was hills and wind coming at me with good force.  Ugggggh!  There seems to be some switch that once it's on I can't seem to turn off.  When I say I'm going to run, I run.  When I have a course in my mind that I'm going to complete I do it.  Never mind the negative thoughts or how hard it is to keep going on.  I just go.

On the plus side, I did get a nice chunk of my next audio book started.  I've started listening to Les Miserables. I am a HUGE fan of the musical (even though I've never seen it in person) and I'm even more excited about the movie that is coming out.  I get all excited and slightly out of controll when the topic comes up.....I CAN'T WAIT!  (more on that in another post).  I do remember trying to read the book in Jr. High, but it was overwhelming and I didn't get very far.  Anyway, my run sucked, but I got it done!  Yaaaay!

Tell me:
How are you like your mother?  
Do you have a daughter that is just like you?
What did you do (running related or not) on 12-12-12?

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