Monday, January 7, 2013

Monday's Motivation

GOOD MORNING!   Or rather.....GOOD AFTERNOON!  Even though I started this post this morning, I'm just now sitting back down to finish it.  I still greet you with great enthusiasm as I kick off this week and year.  Yes, I know 2013 started last week, but with all 6 kids out of school it was hard to get back into a routine  Now that school is back in session (glory! hallelujah!) I am raring & ready to go.

I started off my morning getting back on schedule with what I want and/or need.  I almost....for a split second, turned off my alarm & told myself to ease back into full workout mode.  It was a close call and honestly, my version of easing back in still make many people cringe.  I pushed forward with what I had planned and am fully capable of, starting with a 4:30 a.m. wake up call.  I was planning to run outside, 2 miles (my new daily minimum this year), but the thought of layering on 3 layers of clothes was not appealing to me.  So I decided to sweat it out on the dreadmill and used the extra time to do some cleaning & planning for my day.  I walked into the Y as soon as the doors opened at 5:30 a.m., biked 10 miles, ran 2 and did some stretching.  Back home to yada, yada, complete morning routine getting kids to school.  Back to the Y to take a Spartacus class and swim .5 mile. 

I was actually a little surprised how well I jumped back into this full routine.  I haven't done it in almost a month.  Maybe taking that month off of all the extras is what I needed.  So I'm back & in full force.  At least for now.  I haven't mentioned it yet, but we are taking the kids on a big trip of a lifetime vacation to Disney in less than 3 weeks.  While I still plan to keep running while on vacation, all those extras will stop.  Might as well push forward while I can and work with the flow of life as it comes.

Today's motivation is based on your body, but could easily be re-worded to gear toward what I was mentioning above.  Focus on what your life can do, not how (you think) it (should) looks.  Or something like that; I'm not good at words of wisdom.  Work with your life and what it is going through.  Yes, we all need to push sometimes or need someone to push us.  But I know many of you are going through real tough times or circumstances.  I had a friend crying this morning about her extra weight & being frazzled, etc.  Yeah....she just had a baby 5 months ago.  That is just one example, which could also easily be turned around to fit the statement as it is worded.  Focus on what your body can do, not how it looks.  I don't know about you, but I firmly believe my body is pretty freaking amazing.  It can do some amazing things!  But (just to name a few things) it's also filled with stretch marks and yes, I do weigh more than I should.  While I won't hurt me to work at changing some of that (ie loose a few pounds, do more crunches to get a firmer mid section, etc.), I am perfectly happy with what my body can do.  And that matters more to me!

What are your thoughts on your body and what it can do or how it looks?  If it looks freaking amazing, that is great too.  I'm not knocking it one way or the other.

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