Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Tuesday's Tunes: Easy Day

Getting back into a routine is tough!  I went to bed exhausted last night, but then had a hard time getting to sleep.  Ugh!  When my alarm went off this morning, I was really feeling it.  My thoughts drifted to this afternoon.  I started to reason that I can go run then.  I clicked my alarm back to catch another hour of sleep and crawled back in bed.  I was almost asleep, getting all warm, trying not to think too much.  Then the thought occurred to me that I can't blog until I run.  I thought some more, about wanting to push harder and work harder during these weeks leading up to Disney.  By then I was awake, wide awake and I got up and going and out the door for a 5.5 mile run.

It was cold.  27 degrees out with a feels like 21 factor.  In theory, that is not too bad.  For me, below 20 is the starting point for pretty cold.  I'm still waiting for the single and/or sub zero digits.  I haven't had those in almost 2 years.  Yes, I will still run in those temps, but that is when I say it's REALLY cold!  I think the big difference right now is getting used to the early morning runs again.  For almost a month I did nothing but late morning/afternoon runs where it was broad daylight and often with a big full sunshine.  It can be the same temperature, but just feel warmer some how.  I got my run done and now I'm actually glad that I did.  Having my workout (I also taught a 45 minutes pilate class) done, being showered and dressed by 7 a.m. feels so nice!  This is what I call an easy day :)

Here are the tunes I listened to as I ran:

I've Got a Dream - Tangled Soundtrack
Sister Christian/Just Like Paradise/Nothin' but a Good Time - Rock of Ages Soundtrack
Written in Red - Janet Paschal
Love Addict - Family Force Five
7 Things - Miley Cyrus
One - A Chorus Line
Cotton Eye Joe - Rednex
American Pie - Don Mclean
Karma Chameleon - Culture Club
Honey Honey - Mamma Mia
One Way Jesus - Hillsong United
Crush - David Archuleta

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  1. Good for you, gf! I was going to do yoga this morning, but I'm struggling just to breathe. Stupid cold. *scowls* Wouldn't have even showered today, but I'm almost outta tissues. Guess my workout will be braving HyVee. *LOL*