Friday, January 4, 2013

This and That, Odds and Ends

I have a few items to blog about to wrap up 2012 & begin 2013.  Next week I plan to get back to my regular blogging schedule.  Monday's Motivation, Tuesday's Tunes, Vloggin' Wednesday, Three Things Thursday (TTT) & Friday's Funnies.  I do change that up from time to time, but the general schedule helps keep me in order.

*Sock Update:   I have mentioned before about my sock addiction.  In search of some great holiday socks for 3xacharmrunner's sock exchange I came across these great socks at KMart:
I picked up the above stash on the first of many trips to load up on socks.  What drew me to the bin to begin with is that they were on sale.  Normally $3 a pair, they were only .88 cents.  Hot diggity dog, I was in sock heaven.  So I grabbed the above stash, came home & then came up with the elaborate plan to buy EVERYONE socks for Christmas this year.  I went back to the store and found not only the sale bin, but a whole entire wall of holiday socks, all on sale.  I seriously think the clouds parted, a heavenly light shone down and I heard angels singing glory hallelujah.  Eventually Target had their holiday socks on sale and I'm pretty sure I ended up with a dozen or so new pairs of socks for myself.  Hi, my name is Carmen & I am addicted to socks......

In the sock exchange that I participated in blogger that I was assigned & shipped to was not the same who had me.  You can see what I sent her here.  Bluegrass Tri Chick is who shipped to me.  I was SO EXCITED when my package arrived and I ripped it open like a kid on Christmas morning!

I feel spoiled for all that she sent me.  I need a good pair of white ankle socks and all the extra treats are so handy & yummy!  Thank you Bluegrass Tri Chick so much for everything you sent me & thank you 3xacharmrunner for hosting the sock exchange.  I can't wait until next year!

*Run This Town:  I am happy to report that I completed my Run This Town project.  I ran down every single street in the city of Galesburg, IL where I live.

I started on Memorial Day, May 29 (it coinsided with the start of my running streak) and finished on December 27.  Now, I will say it's slighty tricky in that most of my runs (as seen on the map) are within the city limits of town, but some are outside city limits.  Still considered Galesburg, either way.  I found this confusing when I went to calculate my miles in this project.  I recorded each run and the miles accumlated on that run.  Some of my runs were both, in that I started in town, looped out into the country and then came back.  Also on some of my runs I ran part of a city street twice (or more) to reach other streets I had to get to.  So my total run milage number is not necessarily reflective of what it takes to run down each street in town, just what I accumulated while accomplishing this project.  I ran 341.72 miles.

It certainly was a very interesting project and gave me plenty of motivation to get out the door and cover a specific course.  I've lived here for 18 years and some streets I never knew existed or had ever been down.  It's a very nice way to see my town.  We have some very neat houses that I wish I had time to know the history behind the house.  We even seem to have a lot of hidden treasures tucked down many streets in every neighborhood that I ran in.  I've gone beyond my goal of just the city streets and continue to run on the roads that surround the city.  I need to get a county map so I can continue to fill in all the lines in my area.  I'm a teeny bit leery about running in exteme rural areas and right now the snow & ice covered areas make it hard to venture out.  All in all, I am so glad I did this project.  And now I can say....I RUN THIS TOWN!

*Run This Year:  I mentioned this yesterday and wanted to give credit to where I found out about this challenge.
I will say that I don't think I found out about this challenge from this source, but it seems to be the source of where it started.  You can check out the details from Pavement Runner or Running Hutch.  Here are some other ways you can partake in the fun:


If you are not doing this challenge this year, you can still follow along and track my progress and that of others.


  1. awesome socks, those elf ones are my favorite!!

  2. So glad you liked your stuff!

    The Run this Town is a cool project. What a great accomplishment!

    Happy New Year & best of luck in you 2013 challenges!

  3. Love all the holiday socks you found! Glad you had such a good sock swap partner.