Monday, May 6, 2013

April Rewind

The month of April was pretty epic for me.  I broke every personal record I had set out to achieve and set the bar high for my new racing standard.  For now I am very satisfied with what I have done and would be very content if I stay at this level of my running.  By all means I have done more than anyone ever expects me to do.  In my town, my circle of friends, my family, (even some of you within my blogging circle)  think I'm a total rock star.  Sure, I'm nothing close to Kara Goucher or any kind of Olympic caliber, but they don't know that.  Or if they do, they don't care and think I am anyway.  My family, my friends, my fans (if you will)....they are such a crucial part to my running & racing endeavors and success.

And yet, despite all this awesomeness and epic-ness I still believe it's possible for me to set that bar even higher and lower my times even more.  I realize at some point I am not going to get any faster, but I don't think I've reached that point yet.  So for now, I continue on to see what my running has in store for me.

Despite my heavy racing last month I had another great month of logging miles.  Running a half and full marathon helped, but I still logged 161 miles in April.  That takes my yearly total up to 636 miles for 2013.  Yes, I'm still behind on my goal for Run This Year.  Now that I don't have any racing on my calendar for awhile and the weather has finally improved I should be able to run, run, run and really rack up those miles.  I plan to blow the lid off of my previous monthly highs to make up some lost ground before I need to focus in on training for Howl at the Moon, my 8 hour Ultra.

I have continued with my running streak and as of April 30, I have run 338 days in a row.  In case you are not doing the math or paying attention to numbers I am closing in on my 1 year anniversary of streaking.  That might call for some real streaking to celebrate!!  I'M KIDDING!   Just seeing who's paying attention to what I say.  I do have plans for something special to note the occasion and it will involve having my clothes on in it's entirety!!

How has the month of April and/or 2013 been looking for you & your goals and/or running?  Drop me a comment and let me know!!


  1. Wow - I love your running streak and the fact that it has almost been a year!!
    I can't run every day anymore (too many injuries), otherwise I would love to try that.
    I'm down on miles right now - hopefully in a couple weeks I will be able to start amping them back up!

  2. Very impressive job in April! Hopefully May will be just as great.

  3. I saw you reached a one year streak of running. Congrats! That is an accomplishment that I don't think many other runners and especially non-runners appreciate. It takes a lot of effort and will power to get out there every day. Hope your streak continues.
    On May 30th, I my streak will reach 28 years. As I look back on all those runs I would say there have been some days that have tested the streak. The worst days to get out were after a marathon. Many runners feel that the day after completing the marathon should be a day of rest, however lately I have seen some runners saying it is important to get out that day after. Oh well, we are all an experiment of one.
    If you don't know or remember me I lived in Muscatine for close to 20 years and am one of only two people who have run in all Watermelon Stampedes (35). Will be back in August for number 36.
    Take care,

    1. Nice to "meet" you Steve. I have a very special place in my heart for Muscatine people!! I don't live there anymore, but close enough to go home often and stay connected with many there. I've heard about you at the Watermelon Stampede races, Dale always makes sure he mentions your name. I've done the race a few times myself, but not every year, just depends on what else I have going on. As far as I know I'll be there this year, we'll have to meet in person!