Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Illnois Marathon - the bare facts

I've had this screen pulled up all day.  I did some fiddling around with my main blog screen.  Then flipped over to answer a bunch of emails.  I kept meaning to get back on here and give a full race report.  But then the beautiful day & warm sunshine was calling my name.  BEGGING for me to come outside.  A friend came over for a little bit so we sat outside chatting.  First on the front porch.  Oh how I love sitting on my front porch.  A past time that needs to be embraced!  Then after the bus came & picked up my baby girl for preschool I changed into my swimsuit and soaked up the sun in the backyard (my tan lines are looking pretty nice!).  So not only did I fail to clean my house from top to bottom (ok, like I do that on any given day anyway), but I left no time to sit and write things out for you.  I know you were just sitting by your computer ALL day just waiting with baited breath to read my race recap.

You have to understand that while I was out sitting in my swimsuit today I will no doubt be wearing jeans & sweatshirt tomorrow and maybe even shoveling snow.  So I HAD to embrace the day for what it was offering.  Anyway, to help hold you over, in case you are anxious to hear all about my race, I will post my stats from the race.  The bare basic facts on how I finished.  Tomorrow I will ramble on with thoughts & other details, but for now *drumroll*

10k split: 49:23
13.1 split: 1:43:49
20 mile split: 2:39:02
26.2 finish time:  3:29:50

201st out of 1,822 overall
29th out of 750 women
5th out of 116 women in my age group

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