Sunday, May 19, 2013


This morning I posted this picture:

I stated that I was at the Run River City Marathon with my Tough Chik team, but I was not actually running.  Remember I'm injured?!?!

However, later on you might have seen these pictures:

 Wait! .... What? ....  Am I *gasp* running?

And is that a finishers medal around my neck??

 I know, it doesn't make any sense!

 This picture is the missing piece to the puzzle.  Insert Katie, my run double, who saved the day in so many ways and at the last minute too.

So, I did in a way run, but not really.  It's definitely the most interesting, different, confusing race I've ever not run.  Tomorrow I will give you a full race recap with all the fun (it really was amazingly fun!) details.

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