Friday, May 10, 2013


Wow!  What a week it has been.  Not in a bad way.  Not even wild and crazy.  Things just came up left and right and I have been on the go-go-go since Monday.  While it's not unusual for me to have busy times, I am usually expecting them.  My calender will look all crazy.  Not the case this week.  It appeared to be quiet and fairly normal.  Yet, somehow I was gone from home a lot and that meant I had little to no time on the computer.  If I checked emails or fb then it would be on my phone or ipod.  Those are good for checking things and doing "must do" business, but not for a lot of the big things I normally do.  As a result my email inbox has absolutely exploded with unread messages since that is my primary source of reading blogs. All the while I just keeping going, going, going.  Even now...I'm trying to hurry and get this done so I can get somewhere else really soon.

Running is going good.  I have a streak to keep alive (closing in on my 1 year mark) and that keeps me motivated and out the door.  I seemed to have quickly returned to normal (for me) running after my marathon 2 weeks ago.  My hamstring has bothered me a few times this week.  I'm "listening" to it very carefully, which sometimes means not running as far as I'd like or taking a much slower pace.  Even if I get to where I can end my streak with satisfaction, summer is not the time I want to be injured.  Not only for the nice weather aspect, but leading up to my BIG race of the year where I am determined to blow it out of the water!!!!

I have a little bit more business to get through as it's the end of the school year x6 for me.  Then things really quiet down for awhile.  Even then, I'm still busy and there is ALWAYS something to do.  I'll get through it one way or another.  Hopefully while logging a loooot of miles!

 I enjoyed this picture!  This is true every single day of my life!!

A little funny on Mother's Day weekend!!

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