Saturday, July 20, 2013

Action Packed

This week has been action packed.  It also included some days at home with "nothing" to do, but they were either spent in recovery mode or full of doing things around the house.  Come on now, there is always something to do!  I'll give you the brief run down.  Some things will get a post of their own.  Next week is not nearly as busy.  After that though it's looking pretty rough for quite some time.  We'll cross that bridge when we come to it.

~Sunday:  I ran 20 miles.  It was a migration from Muscatine to West Liberty.  Excellent run.  Definitely gets a post of it's own.

~Monday:  My 37th birthday.  I not only love having my birthday, but I don't mind telling anyone my age & seriously enjoy getting older!  Running wise this was a recovery/rest day from my 20 miler.  Which was good since I had a full day.

I was awake early to fit my run in

go have a birthday breakfast with my Y family
ok, it was brownies, let's not be all technical! 

And be at the high school to help drive the dance squad to camp
One of them beauties is my oldest daughter

All of that was by 8 a.m.  Then a chunk of my day was driving & getting the girls settled into their dorm before heading back home.  I made sure to stop for my favorite ice cream & I also got to see & chat with the ever lovely Run With Jess.  Once home I had a birthday package waiting for me.  I L.O.V.E. getting presents!!!!  Even better when it's from a dear friend who knows exactly what I like.

I also got this elephant coffee mug from my girls.  I love elephants!  It was such a nice start to my  morning.  Especially since it was strategically placed right in front of the coffee maker.  My girls know me so well!

I wasn't home for long when it was time to head out again.  This time I headed out for supper with my hubby & our good friends who's son was born on my birthday last year.  

It was such a great ending to my birthday!!

~Tuesday:  I met with my good friend Julia & we went for a country run.  She is new to running out on gravel country roads, so I enlightened her & showed her the way around.   Since we had not had the chance to see other or visit for well over a month, we talked the time & miles away. That helped keep the focus off of the heat & long stretches of road that never seemed to end, even though they really weren't that long.  Yes, at 8 a.m. the sun was scorching hot and the humidity was through the roof.  I'm glad for the opportunity to run in these conditions.  My body needs them to prepare for Howl at the Moon coming up in less than a month.  It doesn't make them easy though.  Even though we had run 5 miles it might have looked like we ran 100, we were such a hot sweaty mess!
We felt wonderfully awful, but loved every moment of it.

~Wednesday: I resisted the urge to sleep in.  I really wanted to, but I also knew the temperatures would soar again & the humidity has been relentlessly ongoing.  I keep seeing/reading how you should get out early to avoid the heat.  This is no news flash to me. It's not my first time around this running block.  After another challenging run I just want to say:  liar, liar, pants on fire!  Beat the heat my rear!!  But it was done so I'm not complaining and I'd still encourage others to get out & get it done.  Or at least hit the treadmill in an air conditioned room.  The heat isn't going anywhere.

~Thursday:  I ran at 4:45 a.m.  It's been months since I started & finished a run in the morning dark.  It was still disgustingly hot & miserable.  

Another day of driving to & from dance camp.  I spent more time there as I was able to watch my girl perform.  In addition to my daughter receiving 3 blue ribbons, her squad received a superior rating on their home routine & was invited to compete (again) at Nationals in Orlando.  She also competed for & was selected as an All American Dancer & is invited to London to dance in the New Years Day parade.  So proud of my girl, she has put in many years of hard work to be able to accomplish this honor.

~Friday:  Finally a day to sleep in.  Once I was up & moving I did a boatload of cleaning & rearranging my daughter's room.  She's been gone all week & will be very surprised when she comes home tomorrow!  I put off getting a run done and then going out into 90 degree temps just didn't sound too tempting.  I did run.  Of course.  I just had to settle for a quick 2 mile run on the treadmill.

I was also on stand by to hear from a newly formed friend Steve who was coming to Galesburg along with a support crew & runners doing the Million Dollar Marathon.   I only became aware of this last week.  I've been so excited about it, but haven't had much time to post & tell you all.  I feel badly about that, I really do.  It's such an amazing & inspiring thing they are doing.  I will definately be telling you more.  In the mean time, go check out the website.  Be prepared to be moved & inspired. 

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  1. Wow - so much going on!!!
    Happy Birthday - you are still young!!
    So cool for your daughter and her dance awards!!!
    Glad that next week won't be quite as busy for you!