Monday, July 1, 2013

June Rewind

I was on vacation last week.  
(Yes, I did a lot of this)

 I didn't really mention this too much, but I did say something in my last post/vlog.  I meant to post once more before I left and I had intentions of blogging, at least once, while on vacation.  Obviously that just didn't happen.  As much as I missed & thought about you all it was great to just get away & not worry about it.  In addition to a wonderful vacation, I had a great running week!  However, I won't be telling you about that today.  I wanted to get my June recap done before we get too much into the great month of July.  It IS the best month of the year!

Despite a frustrating month of ups and downs while recovering I still managed to run 150.36 miles.  I would've like to see that be higher, but I'm not complaining.  I continued my running streak and have run 395 days in a row.

This brings my 2013 total up to 895.54 miles.  While that is a great number and I'm fairly pleased with it I am aware that I am falling short of my Run This Year goal.  In theory I should have completed 1006.5 miles by now.  I'm falling short by about 100ish miles to be on track.  Of course, I mostly blame this on my injury which severely limited my miles in May.  Then you factor in other life stuff (vacation, busy crazy times) and I'm just slightly behind on my projected goal.  However, I'm still working toward that 2013 mile goal.  It IS still reachable.  That's the good side of it all.  I'm not that far behind.  Not to mention other positives like still being able to put in some higher mileage months.  I'm putting in higher monthly averages than I ever have before.  I've ran almost just as many miles in the last 6 months as I did in all of 2012.  I'm far from being discouraged about reaching my Run This Year goal, but definitely keeping it on my radar & keeping tabs on it all.

I did not run any races in June.  In fact, I haven't raced at all since the Illinois Marathon.  I kinda miss it, but knowing that I can't race like I want to then I'm content with not getting out there.  I don't have any races planned for July.  That might change.  There are a lot of small, local races around this time of year.  If I participate in any of them it will be last minute.  However I like the pressure being off of racing.  I'm willing to give it up (for now) to be able to focus on continued recovery & to continue to build toward a solid base for Howl at the Moon.  I still have every intention of crushing that race!

My leg is still not 100% recovered from my injury.  However I am making great progress and moving in the right direction.  In the mean time I've had a handful of other aches & pains pop up.  It puts me in the mindset of: if it's not one thing, it's another.  In the big picture they are minor things and I'm dealing with the along the way.

Looking forward to the best month of the year.  Not only running wise (hopefully), but it's my birthday (yeah, I'll mention that no less than a gazillion times this month) and my blog-iversary.  I have a giveaway planned to celebrate.  I'd love to hear from you:  How was June for you?  What are you looking forward to in July?

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  1. I was sick the first part of June, but it ended well. In July I'm looking forward to doing a couple races - a 5k on the 4th and the half marathon I've been training for. We are also going camping in a couple weeks :) Hope you can make your goal!! I think I might try to do the #RunthisYear next year...