Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Tuesday's Tunes - 15 years

Today marks 15 years since I gave birth to our 2nd child & daughter Mandy.

Come on, admit it, you just thought 'wow, she was huge!'  It's ok, I completely agree.  Trust me, I know I was.  That girl was a chunky baby, weighing in at 8 lbs. 13 oz.  For this little momma, that is one big baby.

I'll spare you the details, but there were a lot of complications with her delivery.  We are very fortunate that she even survived what happened & that she had full, complete & normal use of her body.  Once they got her breathing, all I got was a look at her from across the room & they whisked her away for hours.

Finally, I was able to hold my precious baby girl.

It's been a crazy, yet wonderful 15 years.  In hindsight you can't help but love every God given moment that we get with our children.  Probably easy to say when times are good, but it's true even with the bad.  I often say:  it can't always be rainbows & sunshine. True that!  But no one ever said it would be easy, but it's definitely worth it!


I was suppose to run this morning with my girlfriend Julia.  She bailed on me because she had a headache.  What a weenie!  (I'm totally kidding.  Just giving her grief since I know she reads my blog.  Hey Julia!)  Since I didn't run with her I cancelled my original run plans.  Mandy saw me getting ready to go & asked if I was going to run 15 miles.  I gave her a weird look.  She said "ya know, one for each year I've been alive".  Ahhh, good idea.  Except I wasn't prepared for that.  Maybe it's a tradition I'll start for next year.  Something fun to do.  (yes, that is my idea of fun)

After a brief lack of motivation I headed out the door & managed a good 8 mile run.  These are the tunes I listened to:

Miss Independent - Kelly Clarkson
Drama Queen (That Girl) - Lindsay Lohan
I'll Make Love to You - Boyz to Men
We Belong Together - Los Lobos
When - Shania Twain
Piano Man - Billy Joel
If Ever You're In My Arms Again - Peobo Bryson
More Beautiful You - Jonny Diaz
White Flag - Passion Feat Chris Tomlin
Elenor Rigby - The Beatles
Glory to God - Live Eleven22 Worship
Go Cubs Go! - Steve Goodman
Love Addict - Family Force 5
How Beautiful - Twyla Paris
Jai Ho! - A. R. Rahman & The Pussycat Dolls
Wild Wild West - The Escape Club
I Am a Promise - Bill Gaither Trio
Shout to the Lord - Joel Engle

(Sorry, no time to link each song like I usually do)

*Do you have kids?

*Do you something special to celebrate their birthday?

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