Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Tuesday's Tunes - Randomness

I did not run today.  I did workout yesterday and plan to tomorrow as well.  It just won't involve any running.  My foot is really ticked off at me right now, so I'm doing my best not to aggravate it any more.  After all, what goes around comes around and if I want my foot to be nice to me then I better do the same.  To keep with my usual daily themes, I thought I would post my playlist from my marathon last Saturday.

I use the term playlist very loosely.  Up until recently I have a specific "RUN" playlist.  I knew it was needing some revamping and without me knowing it a certain 4 year old sweet precious child who bears the same name as I, deleted the whole list.  I kept meaning to get it back and going on my ipod.  At about that same time I was challenged to have any and every music inspire/motivate me when I run, not just certain fast paced ones.  I love all sorts of music so why try and get real specific about it.  It seemed that when I really REALLY needed motivation all the wrong kind of songs came on anyway.  Songs that I thought would motivate me, didn't.  I needed to stop relying on moving TO the music and just let the music move me.

On my ipod I have about 2,000 songs.  Only about 1,000 of them I would consider favorites.  Songs that I know the words to, love to sing and dance to no matter what.   I chose that playlist to shuffle through at random for my marathon music.  I also have podcasts on my ipod, mostly from Mark Driscoll.  I had planned to flip over and listen to a podcast, but the mood never struck me so I stuck to music for the whole 4ish hours I was out on the course.  Some songs went in one ear & out the other.  Some I sang and even danced (the best you can while running) to.  Some of the songs moved me to have my hands lifted high or beating out the rhythm.  Some brought back memories of many years past.  Some gave me a quiet peace and others had me screaming on the inside.  It was only toward the end that I had to skip a few songs because I was needed a high level of motivation and distraction.  I forced myself not to be too picky though, again not wanting to rely on the song too much.

Some of the songs I have listed may not be the exact version that I listened to, but close enough.

Quantum Leap - TV Theme Song
Once in Love with Amy - Barry Manilow
Wheel of Fortune - TV Theme Song
He'll Take Care of You -
Amor Prohibido - Grupo Bryndis
I'll Always Love You - Taylor Dayne
Miss Independent - Kelly Clarkson
Go Cubs Go
Krazy - Pitbull feat. Lil Jon
How Deep is Your Love - Bee Gees
M-M-M Monster Meal
Say You Say Me - Lionel Richie
Celebration - Kool & the Gang
Fat Albert - TV Theme Song
Best of Both Worlds - Hannah Montana
I've Got a Dream - Tangled Soundtrack
Take Me Away - Freaky Friday Soundtrack
Worthy is the Lamb
Crucified with Christ - Phillips, Craig & Dean
Mr. Mistoffelees - Cats Soundtrack
Anne of Green Gables - TV Theme Songs
Come Thou Fount - Baptist Bible College brass quartet
Sometimes by Step - Rich Mullins
One Way Jesus - Hillsong
Fantasy Island - TV Theme Song
Glory to God - Fee
Somewhere Out There - James Ingram & Linda Ronstadt
We Rock - Camp Rock Soundtrack
Rejoice in the Lord - Ladies Be Joyful
Our Song - Taylor Swift
El Shaddai - Amy Grant
Happy Working Song _ Enchanted Soundtrack
The Wonderful Cross - Chris Tomlin & Matt Redman
You are the Sunshine - Stevie Wonder
Gonna Fly Now - Rocky Soundtrack
Breakaway - Vitamin String Quartet
Leave it all to Me - iCarly TV Theme Song
Wake Me Up Before You Go Go - Wham
I Got You Babe - Sony & Cher
Baliamos - Enrique Inglesias
I Want You to Want Me - Cheap Trick
Eternal Flame - The Bangles
Na Na Hey Hey Kiss Him Goodbye -
Wild Thing - Tone Loc
Saving All My Love for You - Whitney Houston
Silver Spoons - TV Theme Song
I Dreamed a Dream - Les Miserables Soundtrack
Take My Life - Scott Underwood
Bonanza - TV Theme Song
Blossom - TV Theme Song
So What - P!nk
If I Can't Have You - Bee Gee
Casper the Friendly Ghost - TV Theme Song
Stop! In the Name of Love - The Supremes
His Strength is Perfect - Steven Curtis Champman
Maid Marian - Robin Hood Prince of Thieves Soundtrack
I'll Make Love to You - Boys II Men
All Shook Up - All Shook Up Musical 
Got My Mind Set On You - George Harrison
Leader of the Pack - Shangri-Las
Rock Me Amadeus - Falco
All the Man that I Need - Whitney Houston
Baywatch - TV Theme Song
St. Elmo's Fire Love Song - Soundtrack
If I Can Dream - All Shook Up Musical
Welcome Back Kotter - TV Theme Song
Better Is One Day - Matt Redman

I wanted my songs to be completely random.  Although upon further thought with other events of the weekend, I realize I don't really believe in randomness.  Everything happens for a reason. Sure, some have a bigger impact on our lives than others.  I guess I've always known/believed this, it's just been pressing on my mind today.  Ya know....being all deep and theoretical and junk : )

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  1. I need to add "I want you to want me"...that has such a great beat and would be a good addition to my iPod!!