Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Not sure what to title this, but am going to post it anyway.....

Not sure if I came up with my exact post for today run.  I thought about it though.  Just no lightening bolt of ingenious. 

Speaking of lightening, when I got out to run yesterday I saw some lightening.  First let me back up to say that on Tuesdays  & Thursdays I always run to and from the Y.  I teach a pilates class at 6 so it keeps me in the area & when I am done I am ready to go for my class.  So I drove to the Y.  Just as I put my van into park I notice a flash out of the corner of my eye.  I let out a loud "ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!?!?!" even though no one was around to hear me.  I stepped out of the van to survey said conditions and yep, indeed saw more lightening.  It wasn't the big bolt type of lightening so I convinced myself it was ok to head out.  By convince I mean I turned into a whiny 3 year old who literally said out loud in a quite annoying tone "but if I don't run, then I'll ruin my perfect week and I won't have time to run later, I'm spending the day at a water park, and then I'll feel fat and I HAVE AN ULTRA in 2 1/2 WEEKS!!!!!"  I saw another flash of lightening then decided to head out.  (No lectures please.  I'm still alive).  Once I got running, the lightening was to my back.  I felt a heavy presence behind me, but made sure I ran with my mouth open.  (I usually do anyway, but I once heard that if struck by lightening the charge needs a place to exit.  If it has no place to exit then you will surely die from said incident.  Who knows if that is true.  Makes sense to me).  As I wound my way around Carl Sandburg Dr. I came along side this peculiar weather system that was producing the lightening.  It appears the lightening was contained into 1 particular cloud.  And it never did have a big bolt effect.  Never heard an ounce of thunder.  It was interesting to watch the cloud light up and left me a little awe struck at the beauty of nature.

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