Thursday, July 7, 2011

Wanna see my six pack?

I tried to show you my six pack in my video.  Don't worry you won't be seeing any skin from the mid section of my body. I don't want to scare my readers away and I'm all for modesty & internet etiquette. (Disclaimer: not that showing your mid section is horribly immodest.   If you do; fine, great.   I don't.   It's just me.) So here is my six pack I was trying to show you : )

I tweeked my photo a little from what you see in the video. My great, wise friend Suzie helped me out in this area. (Thank you Suzie! I agree it looks much better & eye catching with all white letters.) And the camera card ran out of memory space so my video shut off on it's own. I think it's ok. If I need to, or must, I will do another hog call video. Just for you my loyal fans : )

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