Friday, July 22, 2011

Perfect Running Week

Last week I had the perfect running week.  By that I mean that I got up and ran everyday Monday - Thursday.  That is typically what I consider a training week.  I always take off Friday, Saturday & Sunday.  Sometimes I race on those days (and I did last Saturday), but that is not training, that is racing.  Not the same thing.  I stick to the M - Th week like gold.  On rare occasion I get up & do something on Friday, but really that is my sleep in on a weekday day.  I know you think I'm all crazy & hard core about my running & fitness.  I don't deny that one bit.  Really though,  I have my boundaries, my weaknesses, my I've had enough limits. (They are just usually far fetched from the normal ideal).

I looked back on my training records (I use Nike+ to track all my running.).  I have not accomplished this M - Th perfect running week lately.  In fact, not at all this year!!!!  See, I'm not so crazy/hard core after all.  *sticks tongue out at y'all while I'm sure you roll your eyes at me*.  Truth is, I cut myself a lot of slack.  I realize that  I try and fit in a full training regimen while being a full time wife and mommy.  Something has to give.  Oddly enough though, nothing gave on this perfect running week.  What makes it so odd, is that in addition to my usual crazy demanding life, it was tech & performance week for the musical All Shook Up. (Yes, that is me you see in the first and last picture)  I was strung to the MAX!  I only averaged 5 hours of sleep per night.  Yet every morning when my alarm went off I was up & going, pounding away the miles while I have songs & choreography running non stop through my head.

I didn't get a lot of miles in.  It was a bare minimum week of miles.  7 on Monday, 4 on Tuesday, 5 on Wednesday, 4 on Thursday.  20 miles.  THAT IS IT!  (Don't roll your eyes at me!)  If you want to count my race on Saturday then we can bump that up to 23.  Oooo, I have you all shaking in your boots now!  Considering that I have an ultra in 3 weeks....THAT SUCKS!  This does, but doesn't stress me out.  On one hand a year ago I was running a lot more miles.  Albeit full of nagging injuries that would eventually cause me to take a 2 month break from running.  So more miles, yet full of injury, led me to run 34 miles at this ultra.  Right now I am running less miles, but am for the first time in months injury free.  Yay!  INJURY FREE!  This adds even more to my "perfect week".

This week had not been even close to perfect.  Something had to give and I so gave, I might even say, collapsed after last week.  I purposely slept in on Monday, then we took off for Mandy's birthday get away and I spent Monday & Tuesday lounging at a hotel/waterpark.  That was just the recovery I needed!  Next week, is a new week and we'll see if I can reach said perfection.

P.S.  On Wednesday I got up to meet with a little running club that runs at Lake Storey.  One of the runners included me in his blog post.  You can read about it here.

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