Tuesday, March 24, 2020

Must. Not. Complain.

Oh the great roller coaster of this shelter in place directive.  Trust me, I'm all supportive of it.  However as an extrovert this is really REALLY hard for me.   But I get it, let's do this and kick COVID-19 out of here.  I am completely enjoying this time home as it's left me with plenty of opportunities to participate in more of what I wish I had more time to do.  More time to run ✔  More time to clean ✔  More time to organize ✔ More time to sleep ✔  More time with my kids ✔ (unfortunately some of them don't live at home any more).  My list can go on, but I'm seeing the positives here.  So me?  I'm not complaining.

For the most part I'm just taking it well and in stride.  Or I thought I was.  Until I just had a complete toddler meltdown.  I was already on edge because they just made the big announcement about the Olympics being postponed.  Which I understand, but it's tough for me to digest and think about.  Sports are a huge part of my life.  Especially running.  They already had the marathon trials and knew who was going to represent in that event.  Pushing it back another year changes so much.  The realistic effects of this are just mind boggling.   It's easy to roll with the punches until the effects of it start to trickle down and change so much.

Within a short time frame of hearing this official Olympic news I saw an update about Les Miserables.  My FAVORITE musical of all time.  I had been planning to see it in July in Toronto.  That is months away.  In a different country.  I know a lot of things in the here and now, maybe even for the next month or two are going to be postponed or cancelled.  But July?  Toronto?  Surely we'll all be over this quarantine and readjusting to life outside of home by then.  Well, they just announced that the entire North America tour is cancelled until the END OF JULY.

And insert some screaming yelling, thrashing around and throwing a fit like a toddler.  Fortunately my kids were outside playing and the house was empty.  But to be honest it wasn't my finest moment.  We're all guilty of them.  Complete meltdown over something semi (or completely) trivial.  It's not like I'll never get to see the show again.  My life isn't over.  But I had a moment, several of them in a row.  And then was like Wow!  Where did that come from?!?!?  I'll get over it.  Move on.  See it somewhere else at another time.  But it was still emotionally crushing even if just a little bit.

What has effected you with this quarantine and shelter in place directive?  It can be big, it can be trivial.  I want to hear about it.

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