Tuesday, March 24, 2020

This is Me


Come on, you totally heard that title in your head & you probably sang it too!  Of course, some people who are not musically inclined have no clue what I'm talking about and that's ok.

I got started last week of my Great Revival and then promptly had my "normal" schedule changed up for a few days which left me days without sitting down and touching a computer.  Granted I was on my phone plenty, but I don't blog from my phone.  Something about sitting down to a computer is easier for me.  More official and stately, professional perhaps about being on a computer to do some blogging & writing.  But then again, I am sitting here in my jammies, hair pulled back into a messy bun and glasses on.  Yeah....official, stately, professional..... ok......

Before diving into my blogging mind I thought I'd start with a post about me!  Many of you may know me.  I'd venture to say many of you know me in a very superficial social media way.  That's neither good nor bad, just an honest truth.  If you stumble across this blog, you may not know me at all.  Either way, I would suggest that you go back through & read my blog from it's inception and get to know me that way.  Although I would throw the disclaimer that there is a lot about me that has changed.  Oh yes, I am still a mom with 6 kids, although most of them are grown now.  Still mom none the less.  Forever and always a mom.  Running is still a passion.  Albeit now in an older body.  Ugh, don't get me started on how my body has changed so much aka gotten older and falling apart.  Still a runner none the less.  Those are my 2 main identities that I had previously put forth on this blog.  Those while ever changing are yet still the same.  However me, so much of me has changed.  I am not the same person that I was even just a couple of years ago.  I have a completely different lense, filter, mind set than in previous years.   Everyone is ever changing, life has a way of doing that to us.  I get that.  I will certainly explore this topic more, but wanted to put a disclaimer out that I am not the same person at all!

I won't write a novel on this topic.  Trust me, I'm such a verbal processor, I could!  I thought I would start with some basics.  I'll list it is simple fashion.  Some I plan to write about and explore even more.  Others will just be or can maybe speak for themselves.  

1.  I am a 43 year old mom to 6 kids ranging in age from 24-12.

2.  Music & movement are ingrained in me to my core.  Has been for as long as I can remember.

3.  I am very spiritual.  I believe in God.

4.  Running is my jam!  Old falling apart body and all.  

5.  Life is a two way street.  I am entitled to my thoughts and beliefs, just as you are yours even if they are completely different.

6.  One of my favorite quotes, which is actually a song:  
The more I live - the more I learn.
The more I learn - the more I realize the less I know.
Each step I take.
Each page I turn.
Each mile I travel only means the more I have to go.
What's wrong with wanting more?
If you can fly - then soar!
With all there is - why settle for
Just a piece of sky?

Super bonus points if you know this song without Googling it.  Be honest now!

I'll start with this and leave it be.  With this stay at home directive I hope to write plenty and attempt to get back into a healthy balanced habit of writing.  Personally I plan to soar!!

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