Saturday, March 28, 2020

Panic Shopping

A relatively new term that's surfaced amongst this pandemic is panic shopping.  I can attest though that I recognize this process.  It was often seen before when a big snow storm was coming.  Many would rush out to the store and stock up and get ready to hunker down for a few days.  Things like bread, milk and other essentials would be cleared off the shelves in a hurry from anyone and everyone.  Having at one point 6 kids at home which to hunker down with I know I did this on occasion as well.  Not sure I'd say I was in a panic though, just went out cause I knew I needed to be prepared.  Having a cart entirely full of groceries was not unusual for me at all.  It was a normal reality or #bigfamilyproblems as it's referred to.  Sometimes I needed 2 carts.  That was normal every day shopping.

Two weeks ago when the beginning of this pandemic started to hit our nation even more I was needing to get groceries no matter what.  Just my normal routine of shopping.  It was a Thursday and reports of stores being out of toilet paper were going around like crazy.  I didn't really want to go to the store.  Time got away from me and it would've been easier to put it off until Friday.  However a little too much time on social media combined with some anxiety and gut retching feeling had me going to the store no matter what.  I did not want to be among the masses of people who waited too long to go to the store so I went out and got it done.

Some may call it panic shopping, some may call it getting ready to hunker down for awhile.  Either way I completely gave into this anxiety and uncertainly that was looming over me.  Again, I needed groceries no matter what.  Not only did I buy plenty of food, I bought 2-3 of each item.  When I saw that toilet paper and bottle water had a limited quantity one could purchase, I called my daughter and had her come and buy some too.  I definitely don't feel like I hoarded anything.  I took a respectable amount to be able to feed and provide for my family for quite some time and left plenty behind.

The next day came the first of many announcements that began to change how we are living our lives.  Social distancing.  Ok, I got this.  I am set with food so no worries and I was so thankful that I was not out battling the public at this point.  After a couple days of this though and I heard the first of many "I'm boooooored" and "there is NOTHING to do!".  So I ventured to the store again, just to grab a few would be nice activities.  Books, puzzles, games, etc.  No problem, I got this and certainly no harm in all this family fun and bonding I was envisioning us having.  Except panic crept in again and before I knew it I had a cart full.  Trust me I had a moment of what the heck am I doing?!?!  Anxiety, fear and uncertainty gave way though and I bought it all anyway.

A week later and with news of a shelter in place directive coming I panicked again.  Once again I headed to the store and bought even more food.  In case anyone was worried, it will be a long time before we starve.  I know and understand that I can still go to the stores during this time.  However I can be a worse case scenario thinker.  In my mind I played out the idea of while there's plenty of opportunity to go to the store now, what about down the road?!?!  What happens when a new directive comes into play and marshal law goes into effect.  Stores are on lock down and guarded by the military with special requirements needed before one can go in a buy things.  I know, I know!!  My mind is my own worse enemy. 

I'm being honest and just admitting that I panicked.  And yes, I gave in to panic shopping.  While I'm sure to many others I was seemingly fine, calm and going about business as usual.  However I know that deep down I was stressed and freaked out!!  I still don't feel like I've hoarded anything, but I am certainly very well stocked up.  To look at the positives of this situation I don't need to go to the store for a very long time.  In fact, it's now been over a week since I have set foot in any kind of store.  To help justify my craziness I did tell myself that I would NOT go out any more after these several trips of panic shopping.  I know I can if I need/have to, but I am trying my best to stay home & away from people.  I've also tried to use my abundance to help others when I've known they needed something.  I reached out to my community and neighbors and offered up anything they might need.  Helping others is definitely something I always strive to do.  My panic may have been unnecessary, but I'm determined to use it for the greater good and to help keep my family home and safe.

Did you do any panic shopping?  Buy anything in crazy amounts?

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