Thursday, March 19, 2020

The Great Revival 2020

In light of our worlds completely & drastically changing within the last week, I thought this might be a great time to revive this blog!  When I look back I used to blog quite frequently.  When I entered the working world, even at first in a very limited part time fashion, I slowly but surely stopped blogging.  I tried to hang on for awhile, but eventually I started to work even more and then I just had to let it go.  

I wouldn't say it wasn't important to me.  Connecting has always been important to me and duh, of course running and my family has always been near and dear to me.  I was ill prepared for how to balance and do it all.  I mean do we ever really know how to "do it all" until we are knee deep into life or new situations?  Social media made it easier to connect with others, but it's a much limited version of what I wanted to say.

Fun fact about me:  I once dreamed of being a writer.  Specifically a journalist.  My Aunt Elaine worked for USA today and I wanted to grow up, go to college, get a degree in journalism and be  In jr. high and high school I wrote frequently.  I have a box full of stories and poems.  Granted those deeply reflect my teenage mind, but it's where I can trace my early and beginning days of wanting to be a writer.

So I took classes in high school, entered a few writing contest, etc., which sounds like the equivalent of I slept at a Holiday Inn last night.  Haha, so that sums up to me not exactly being trained or educated in being a writer and I won't claim to be the best at this.  However, I have thoughts.  I have ideas.  I have things I want to say.  I'm wired for connection, so many of us are.  So I thought in light of having "all the time in the world" right now I'd breathe some new life into this blog.

Welcome and thanks for joining me for the ride!


  1. Keep running, keep writing. And hey, it might be interesting to take a fresh look at your "teenage mind" and see how it worked back then. Maybe you could rework one of those stories or use it as a springboard for a story with your adult mind in charge.

  2. I have so many times thought of you & your blog & how it forged our friendship so many years ago!! Good to hear from you.