Tuesday, February 14, 2012

It's Tuesday! (Tuesday's Tunes)

I know it's Valentine's Day.  I've been mulling over posting about it or not.  I'm not a big Valentine's person.  Well, actually, I think I am.  Especially if it involves gifts.  I am not only a gift giver, but I love receiving gifts.  Doesn't have to be big or expensive, but thoughtful.  I especially love it when I am surprised and you bet I will try and surprise you when at all possible.  Are you writing ANY of this down?!?!  FYI: my birthday is July 15.  Just saying.... : )

However....my dear, (sometimes not, but mostly) wonderful, loving (note I'm not saying perfect) husband is not wired this way so much.  I'm not saying he "never" has done or given me anything expensive, thoughtful or surprised me.  It just doesn't happen often.  I learned right away many years ago that Valentine's Day (or my birthday or anniversary, etc)  is pretty much just another day.  I will likely get a card, but not always, maybe a present (I'm not holding my breath though).  That's ok.  It's my husband, just the way he is.  I love him for that.  He gives me his undying, unconditional love.   And he puts up with ME.  What else could I ask for?  Sounds perfect to me on this "holiday" or any other day.

So, even though I am big on gifts, sentiments & the likes, I have learned that it's not all about me and happily meet my husband half way on this issue.  It's not what makes the world go around anyway.  I have learned from God and His undying, unconditional  and never ending love that this IS the greatest commandment.  As long as I have love in my heart and in my life, both given & received then everyday is Valentine's day to me.


I set out on my 4 mile run this morning.  I was T~I~R~E~D!  Usually after I hit a mile or so I, or at least my body, wakes up.  Didn't really happen at all today.  I was dragging big time.  My body never really kicked into gear and even now I'm fighting the urge to crawl into bed for a snooze.  *yaaaaaaawn*

We had a mix of snow & sleet yesterday and the temperatures were suppose to drop.  The first thing I did when I got up was check the weather.  Nothing more than a dusting on the ground and it was hovering right above freezing at 34 degrees.  I put on an extra layer and headed out with care.  The last thing I need is to slip & fall.  There were a few slick spots, but for the most part it was ok.  Even though I was moving slower I enjoyed my run and the weather.  My playlist ticked off and even I was aware that even though I hit shuffle on my playlist of 353 songs, some of the same songs play almost every time I run.

I'm Dreaming of a White Christmas - The Drifters (haha, good start, wrong holiday)
Rejoice in the Lord - Ladies Be Joyful (this is not the version I heard, but it's the same great song)
Beautiful Savior (a choir song I sang at church)
I Have A Dream/Thank you for the Music - Mamma Mia
Yo Tengo Un Amigo que me Ama
Blossom - TV Tunes
Gimmie A Break - TV Tunes
How Can I Keep from Singing - Chris Tomlin
We Are the World 25 for Haiti
If You're Happy and You Know It - Go Fish
Dumb Dog - Annie
Say a Little Prayer from an old childhood album Good Night Sleep Tight
Blessings - Laura Story
Lose My Soul - Toby Mac

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