Thursday, February 23, 2012

Thursday's Thing

I've been scarce this week on my blogging.  It's been an extra busy week of me being out of the home.  If I am home I am working hard to have more balance between my computer time and home duty/cleaning/domestic goddess responsibilities.  I made a vlog about it a few weeks ago, but never posted it.  Basically I'm fed up with how I've let my house become barely sustainable and I've decided to do more about it.  Which, in turn, means less computer time.  It's's a good thing : )  I really think that if I dig down for the time being and get some things taken care of it will be much easier to handle in the long run.  If not, then that is just the lie I am telling myself to actually get stuff done NOW.  I know it's a never ending cycling.  One that I call my life

Running is continuing to go very well.  I am on day 40 of my running streak.  Even though I had some intense plantar fasciatis pain last week & over the weekend it seems to have subdued.  It was brought to my attention (thanks Tracy) that since I am streaking that I need an another pair of shoes to alternate in.  I knew that dropping the "I need a brand new $100+ pair of shoes" would not settle well with the husband and Mr. what-does-the-checkbook-say? (same person there, in case you didn't catch the connection).  It's a good thing though, he does an excellent job at keeping me balanced with my spending.  Not that I'm any kind of outlandish spender or shopper.  Running stuff though IS my weakness.  If not reigned in I know I'd have a serious problem.  However with the foot pain and excessive use of my shoes I really did need a pair.  So I went down to our wonderful running store Go Outside and Play Running Co. and hit them up for any shoes they might have on clearance.  Although I was completely drooling over the new Saucony's I really wanted, they happened to have a pair of Brooks that was exactly my size.  How's that for the Lord's provision.  Only one pair of shoes in the store that was exactly my size and on sale for more than half the usual price.  Bingo!  Since my foot pain has subsided I'd say that is exactly what I needed.  Running streak continues....

Ok, I need to reign it in and get to my thing for today.  The reason it's on my mind is because it's why I'm out of the house a little more than usual.  It's keeping me extra busy and on my toes with more than usual to balance.  Did you know......I am a faculty trainer for the YMCA of the USA health and well being certification courses?  Yes, sir and ma'am I am!  I have a training coming up next weekend so I literally have to go into work to prepare and get stuff done.  Since the beginning of the year I have been going in one afternoon a week to get stuff done, but now I need to devote two afternoons to work.  This gets a little more tricky when, like on Tuesday, I have a church leadership meeting in the morning, a small window of time to come home, get lunch & put Carmen on the bus, then head to the Y for work.  Of all days, I had already agreed to host a Gadet team dinner.  So I had to fix and feed about 20 hungry teenage girls.  I knew in advance all of this was going to fall on the same day so I took some pre-cautions to help with the craziness.  While Tuesday is my normal laundry day, I got it all done on Monday.  I also pre-cooked my hamburger for the team dinner.  Not worrying about those few things helped my day a lot.  I was still stressed and  a lot else that needed to be done.  At the end of the day I did a-ok and the team came & enjoyed dinner.

I started working at our YMCA 16 1/2 years ago.  I saw an ad in the paper and figured why not.  I didn't have any specific experience other than just being fit and taking classes myself.  I had no problem following along in class, music and the movements came very easily.  So how hard could it be?  Well, in some ways it wasn't.  I can be dead asleep and move to a 32 count beat with no problem.  Teaching on the other hand took some time to develop.  I am fairly sure I was quite an awful instructor.  Nothing like experience to help you out along the way.  My classes were forgiving and stuck with me through it all.  I received my first YMCA fitness certification after having taught for 2 years.  While I started with teaching hi/lo aerobics I expanded my teaching to other classes like kickboxing, interval conditioning, aqua aerobics, pre/post natal aerobics and pilates.  There came a time where there wasn't a class being offered at our Y that I couldn't teach.  It was not long after that that I was promoted to the position of Fitness Instructor Coordinator.  Yep, they put in my charge of the whole department.  I really enjoyed that job, but when I got pregnant with baby #5  I knew that I needed to limit my hours and prepare to be at home some more when the baby arrived.  So I stepped down.  Before that though, as the coordinator I was on a crusade to get our staff certified.  We had a long standing joke that if you could breath then you were capable of teaching a class at our Y.  I was more on the bandwagon of we need training, we need credibility, we need education on the subject.  Not everyone needs to have a college degree behind their name (I sure didn't, another fact for another day), but a basic fitness certification was not too much to ask for.  (Although some feel as if we'll pulling teeth for them to get this done).  I had an opportunity to attend a training that would give me my trainer status which would allow me to hold classes & certify our staff and staff from other Y's.  Yada, yada, forward 5 years later, I had certified several people, but had came to a point where I was letting it die off.  Last fall the YMCA of the USA approached me & asked if I would become a faculty trainer for them.  This moves my training level up a notch where I not only grant basic certification, but I can also train and certify others to become trainers.  I went through several trainings last fall and have been approved and achieved my position of faculty trainer.  I also continue to teach fitness classes.  I have a regular yogalates class and even took on Zumba for awhile.

I never imagined 16 years ago that I'd ever have such a position.  I just thought it would be fun to teach some classes and make some money.  I really enjoy this job.  The people/members make it so rewarding!  It's an extra bonus that I control my schedule and fit it into my family life.  However once I do commit to a training it takes a little more from me.  Manageable, but crazy at the same time.  Sounds like my running.

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