Monday, February 20, 2012

Monday's Motivation

For the life of me I can not get a blog post done on Fridays.  I have plenty of things to show you of my findings.  I've even taken more than one picture to update my list/pile of things.  I even have a particular theme going with what I am finding.  Not intentionally, it just happens to be a prominent item that I am coming across while I run.  However today is not Friday.  So, yes, I will tease you about my Fridays Findings post.  It's coming....I promise.

Today is Monday.  Presidents Day to be exact.  A grand salute to our current & past Presidents for this day off of school and work for my husband who is a federal employee.  I am not a political person at all.  I'm not a fan of the subject in any way!  However I hold deep respect for the office and who has (past/current) held this position.  Not too long ago I shook the hand of our very own President Obama.  Don't worry my conservative, Republican friends.  I am no fan.  I have not gone over to the dark side. (My son just shook and said, "oooh I shiver at the name").  That is irrelevant, he is the President and I will honor and respect that office.  I still get a big grin when I see this picture and the opportunity I got.

And now onto today's motivation.  I started off my morning off per usual.  Cardio dance class at 6 a.m.  My foot has really been bothering me (plantar fasciatis)  so I was worried about what my class would be like.  Other than a few twinges my foot felt ok, almost normal.  Almost like I have deeply imagined the foot pain I've been having the last 4 days.  *scratches head in confusion*  That was relief because I was planning a run with my super de duper running partner Angela.  It has been a few weeks since we've been able to run together.  The only thing that keeps us connected in the mean time is seeing her at my yogalates (combination yoga/pilates) class.  Even if it's only for a few quick minutes and hey this is what is going on, my day is always brighter once I've talked to Angela.  We were long over due for a run.  We happily skipped out the door & into the cold knowing it would all be ok with each other by our side.  4.5 miles later my foot had not hurt AT ALL during the run.  Yay!  There were A LOT of rude drivers out this morning.  Lots of dirty looks and not so nice words being mouthed to us.  Sheesh!  Makes me appreciate my 5 a.m. runs where there is hardly a soul or car in sight.

Anyway, that is not what my motivation is about today either.  I just wanted to share that.  It was a great way to start my day & week.  THIS is what my motivation is about today:
I was reminded about this because another running friend who also blogs gave me a shout out of sorts a few days ago.  He didn't say my name or specifically refer to me.  He just mentioned that we had talked the night before.  He referred to me as: a friend (who runs farther and faster than me).  I appreciate his comment and even respect it.  However once I got over my initial gush and blush, I stopped and shook my head.  Now granted, words of a blog can mean many things.  Perhaps to him it was just a comment.  I'll admit, I took it though, as somehow making me better than him.  Like I'm the better athlete.  To which I shake me head.!  Ok, so as a matter of  fact, I do happen to run father and faster than him.  So?  Doesn't make me better.  Again, he didn't actually say that, so my apologies if I took it out of context.  It's not the first (and probably not the last) time that this HAS been said about me.  People say all the time, "well, I like to run.....but not like Carmen".  "That Carmen, now she's a REAL runner".  Truth is I look up to & admire so many people out there that run.  I don't look at how fast or far they go.  This even applies to a lot of people who "just walk".  I love you!  I think you are flippin' awesome!  That goes for you too dear running blogging friend (who mentioned me).  You are the bomb!  I could learn a few things from you!!!!

So....don't put boundaries on yourself.  You dear friend ARE AN ATHLETE!  Plain and simple.  Now what you do with that awesome body of your is going to look different compared to everybody else.  It doesn't make you any better or any worse.  It just makes you YOU!

Now, go and have a great week!

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  1. LOL it is still cool to shake the president's hand even if you don't like him :)