Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Tuesday's Tunes

It's getting kind of late in the day.  I'm not normally on the computer at this time of day.  If I am it's not  for blogging purposes.  I am sitting here watching a movie.  I feel guilty for "just" sitting.  But I've had 2 busy days and it kind of all came crashing down on me.  I don't know why.   I have busy days all the time.  And I was fine up until about 5:30 or so.  Then someone flipped a switch on me.

I did get up and run this morning.  At night I have been very exhausted and sleeping rock solid.  That made it very hard for me to get up & moving when the alarm blared at 4 a.m.  I could have very easily gone back to bed for another hour or so.  Knowing what lay ahead in my day I knew that I "had" to get my run in.  I could fall back on my "well I'll just run a mile and call it a day", but I've already done that a bunch the last 2 weeks.  First calling it rest, then recovery.  Really.....enough is enough.  So even though it was tough I got up a moving.  It was tough at first, but once I got moving I felt fine.  The first steps of my run seemed to be the same.  Tough at first, especially the cold temperatures, but once I got going I felt great.

I'm switching my blog theme days around.  Making Tuesday's about my music & calling it's Tuesday's Tunes.  I did do some treasure finding today along the way, but am saving my findings for a post later in the week.  Yeah, the suspension might just kill you.  I found myself thinking about ballet during my run.  When I was growing up, I forever wanted to be a ballerina.  My parents could never afford dance lessons, but I still loved anything doing with ballet.  I got to live this dream through my daughters.  My 3 oldest, at one time danced.  For 7 years my life partially revolved around their dance.  On daughter danced for 2 years, another 3, my oldest for the full 7 years.  She was good.  They all were.  Since she put all that time in she achieved a higher level.  The only reason she quit was because to be able continue on such a level she would have to give up all other activities.  It was also becoming taxing on the family to devote so much time as well so it was with mutual agreement that she quit.  It was a slight relief at first, but we both miss it.  Ballet was quickly replaced with many other activities.  She moved to more hip hop/modern things when she made the dance squad at the high school.  So she still gets to dance, just not so much ballet.  Although those skills have laid a solid foundation for any type of dance she pursues.

Anyway, the reason I thought of this so much was because of the Sucker Dance Song that came on during my run.  I don't know the real name of the song.  It's a classical piece that her studio performed often.  I just love to listen to the music and dance around.  Yes, I still pretend to be a ballerina.  Even though I was running on the outside I was dancing around en pointe in complete ballet style.

Later in my run my thoughts just seemed to be there, but not really sinking in.  Sometimes I run and I know I'm thinking....my mind is always going.  But when I get done, I have no idea what I just thought about for all those miles.  I suddenly became aware when I was half way though the song Blessings.  Normally, most especially since December, I can't seem to hear that song without tearing up.  Not an outright bawl, but at least a tear or long sigh that makes my soul feel like it's crying.  This song has always been powerful, but more so since my friend Joy lost her battle to cancer.  (yeah, I am aware I never devoted a post to telling you all about her).  She actually sang this song herself at her own funeral.  How's that for different.  Anyway, life goes on it normal fashion and in so many ways we carry on with life, but there is still a big part of me that misses her a lot.  I still can't believe she's gone.  So I didn't get completely through the song without thinking of her and my soul crying.  It brought me back to my reality of running and how great it felt to be running.  And how much I miss her! (did I already say that?)

I'm done watching my movie which in turn took me forever to actually write this post since I was not paying full attention to either one.  I'm really tired and need to get to bed.  Normally I like to sleep in on Wednesdays and be home for Jim & the kids, but my day will not allow for a workout later on.  When push comes to shove I will get up & get it done.  It's looking like a pushy kind of day.  Here is the rest of my playlist:

Lost in Emotion - Lisa Lisa Cult Jam
Lord I Life Your Name On High - Joel Engle  I love doing the actions/sign language to this song.
All Hail the Power of Jesus Name  traditional hymn
Jammies Song - Go Fish
Sucker Dance Song - I'm going to find out the real name of this song.
Nothing Gonna Change My Love for You - Glenn Mederios ok I love this song, but WHY is it on my run playlist?!?!
Rise and Sing - Fee
Blessings - Laura Story
That's How You Know - Enchanted Soundtrack
Forever - Chris Brown  totally danced during this one : )

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  1. I thought that maybe ballet came to your mind because you saw a pile of them hanging from the ceiling yesterday:)