Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Vloggin' Wednesday

Yay!  I finally made you all a vlog for my post.  It's been several weeks since I have done this.  I know not everyone is a fan of it, but I am and I know a few others are too.  So either watch or click out for the day.  Either way I'll still love ya!

Before I get to that though I want to throw some numbers at you. In the month of February I ran a total of *insert drum roll*: 91.35 miles.  I am also on day 47 of my running streak. *And the crowd goes WILD!!!!*

Need to wrap it up so I will post my vlog and bid you all a very happy Leap year day!!!!


  1. Jim was in the first World War?!?!? WOWWWWW!!!! He hides his age well ;)

  2. Oh crud!!!!! I KNEW someone was going to catch that! I did not realize that I said that at the time and I didn't even watch this myself until after I had it posted! I started laughing so hard when I heard it!!!! I also said my buddy Caleb was from Arkansas, but he's really from Alabama. Yikes!