Thursday, February 9, 2012

Thursday's Thing - No Pain No Gain

Not too long ago I did a post called 11 Things About Me.  Prior to that I had posted about 100 Things About Me.  So I thought I would devote Thursday's postings to things about me.  I had been thinking about this for the last few days, not really sure what to throw at you.  The events in the last 15 hours or so helped seal the deal on what to tell you.

Maybe surprising or not...I have a very high pain tolerance.  I have a general view of suck it up and keep going.  Yes, I am TOUGH!  Which is interesting that since I joined Team Tough Chik the whole term tough has taken on a new meaning.  The word pops into my head constantly.  It doesn't matter if I'm running, racing or getting my hand slammed in the van door.  Yes, you read that correctly.  Such event is what really has this on my mind more than usual.

*I* (as in me, myself & I alone) slammed the van door on my own hand.  Not just any hand, but the same hand that slammed the door managed to get caught in the door.  I don't even know how that happens.  It seems impossible.  In a rush to get to church last night I put (baby) Carmen up in the van, reached back, grabbed the door, slammed it shut while at the same time turning to go around the van to get in myself.  All I know is that a massive pain shot through my hand/arm.  I screamed so loud that my husband came running to see what happened.  That man does not move for just any old scream.  Not to mention it's winter so every door & window is shut tight in the house and I know the tv was turned on as well.  Did I really scream that loud?  I also know that I have never felt such a pain or sensation before.  This wasn't just a little pinch of the finger.  Good thing is that I knew right away that I could still move my hand & fingers.  It wasn't an instant horrible injury.  Phew!

After some assessment & drying of tears I continued on with taking the kids to church.  My hand throbbed intensely and moving it was tough (but not impossible).  In essence I carried on.  What else was I going to do?  I bet most who saw me last night had no clue I was in pain & quite uncomfortable.  I can manage/handle pain quite well.  Sure it hurt, but I wasn't dying.

Later that night I kept "whining" to my husband about my hand.  It hurt no matter what I did.  If I just sat there it throbbed in pain as well.  He said...."you know for such a tough chik you sure are whining a lot.  what are you?  part man?!?!"  That's my hubbers people....always sliding in his humor no matter the situation.  He's always great at making me laugh no matter how miserable I am.  I told him that actually the fact that I am carrying on about it means that it really does hurt.  I hurt all the time.  I run 36 miles and hurt.  Never complained there.  I gave birth 6 times with little to no drugs and hurt.  Never  complained there.  I pinch my fingers, drop something on my foot and endure countless other injuries of every day life and hurt.  Never complained there.  I fell during a race & sprained my ankle pretty bad and hurt.  Ok, I'm sure I did complain there.  But I got back, started running again, finished the race, drove myself home over an hour away and attended a wedding & reception that night.  I think I deserved a little whining on that one.

You can have two takes on this.  One being, are you stupid?!?!?  If it hurts stop!  Rest.  Take it easy.  Which I usually do at some point.  It's usually just well after most others would have.  That is neither good or bad.  It's just how I am.  The other take is: that's right.  Suck it up cupcake.  Push on no matter what.  Endure the pain.  Embrace it!  I usually have to come to a balance between the two.  Life is ALWAYS about balance, right.

After a good dose of Ibuprofen and an ice treatment I settled into bed for a good night's sleep.  This morning I got up as usual and ran.  My hand didn't feel too bad.  At least until I started to use it.  Just about anything I do elicits pain.  Not horrible pain, but I sure do feel it.  Since my hand has nothing to do with moving my legs to run I headed outside for a really crappy 2 miles.  I was suppose to do 4, but surrendered after 2.  I don't say it often, but my run this morning really SUCKED!  Now I've got my hand all swaddled in an ace bandage.  Carrying on with my day as usual.  What else can I do?  Just endure the pain & wait for it to go away.

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