Friday, October 12, 2012

Friday's Funnies

I have to back up and do some explaining about yesterday's post.  It's actually a long funny story that had several women laughing quite hard.  It may be one of those you had to be there to truly appreciate the humor in it moments, but I will still try and convey what happened.

I mentioned I was making yesterday's pumpkin peanut butter cups for my book club.  I was telling them that I thought there was too much nutmeg for my liking.  That lead us to discussion about how I came about taking the original recipe and multiplying it to my larger portion.  I know I added 6 teaspoons of  nutmeg, which I then converted into 2 tablespoons and posted in my version of the recipe.  Don't be too impressed with my conversion, I have a handy dandy chart on my fridge that tells me these things.  I am not smart enough to know or remember what equals what when converting things.  Anyway, after looking up the original recipe during book club, I really have no idea why or how I came up with adding so much nutmeg.  Or anything for that matter.  Nothing made sense about what I set out to do yesterday in making this yummy treat.  However, aside from an extremely strong taste of nutmeg it was a very tasty treat.  I will have to re-do this recipe, write down  & take notes while I do it and report back at a later date.  Until then, you might want to refer to the original recipe or else enjoy walking around with great smelling breath and a good chance of fighting off bacteria within your mouth (as talked about in the original post with it's great antibacterial properties).

Sometimes we just need to laugh at ourselves!!

Onto other random funnies for this Friday:
 ^^Very...VERY true for me, like everyday when I take the kids to school!^^

^^I LOVE football AND band, I'm actually there to watch both, but this was funny and at the end of the day...I'm with the band!!!!^^

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