Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Two Things (maybe a few more) Tuesday

I ditched you guys last week.  I won't apologize, even though I feel a tad guilty....that is just in my nature, because it's just what I had to do to survive the week.  Just another one of those push comes to shove times and out the door you guys went.  I've noted several times recently that I'm having a rough time with a few things.  Emotions, sorrow, grief, etc, but I've really had a hard time adjusting to my new fall schedule.  You'd think that all the kids being in school would make my day easier, in many ways it has, but I'm having a harder time with the scheduling of everything that has to be packed into my day.  6 kids and all their activities has me stretched and pulled in a million directions.  I already am used to the craziness of my life, but I think adding another high schooler has bumped that craziness up a whole other notch.  Not that I'm blaming that one child.  I guess having another jr. higher that was playing dual sports AND then got a solo part in the community musical added a lot more madness too.  They all play a part.  I'm not complaining in the least bit.  I really do enjoy it so much and just embrace this crazy time in my life.  Doesn't always make it easy though.  I certain earn my title of SUPER MOM!  or WONDER WOMAN!  Take your pick, I'm pretty freakin' amazing!

Anyway, maybe it's because a few activities are done for the fall, but I finally feel I'm starting to get the hang of this school year.  Doesn't make me any less busy, but I feel more comfortable about things.

I did run this morning.  I will be honest.....it SUCKED!  I did 9.5 yesterday and felt fine.  I even felt fine as I hit the pavement this morning.  I started in one direction to cover my predetermined route, but was smacked in the face with wind.  Ugh!  I can take heat.  I can take cold.  I can run up any hill.  But the wind ruins almost any run!  So I flipped around and went on an alternate route.  For about the first 2-3 minutes everything was fine, then I just hit a wall.  Like an idiot maniac persistent determined gal I pushed on.  More than once I wanted to walk, but that doesn't get me finished any sooner, especially since I HAD to get back to where I started.  I even felt like laying down in the middle of the road a few times.  Don't get me wrong, there was no white flag of danger or injury.  I just couldn't get my run on and yet I was already in that run state and had to push on.  I don't regret getting my run done, it was just a rather sucky one in my daily running history.  So I have tunes to share for today, but am going to veer in another direction and share 2 things with you.

First, is a big, braggin', proud momma moment.  On Saturday was the jr. high cross country sectional meet.  Only the top 7 runners from the team are taken to compete.  The first part of the season my son was consistently running low 15 minute times for the 2 mile course.  Toward the end of the season he dipped down to the low 14 minute range.  I'm sure I've made it clear either way that I'm proud of my kids whether they run or not and if they do whether they are faster or slower runners.  But I will admit it gets me all excited to see my son excel in running.  I know he's not some great top of the state runner.  I'm not expecting him to be since he is 11, in 6th grade, barely weighs 65 pounds soaking wet and is in his first year of school competition.  However, he is off to a great start.  Time, maturity and more consistent training will advance him to a better runner over time.  Coming into the sectional meet he had set a personal goal to run within the 13 minute range.  I was behind him 100%.  I've known all season he is capable of this and had mentioned it to him in passing, but didn't want to push.  For me, him becoming a great runner is not always about me pushing it upon him, but him learning and discovering it all on his own.  I want it to be his passion, his desire, his hard work and achievements.  When he passed the 1 mile mark he was on track to run a sub 14 minute time.  I am beyond proud (and was screaming and yelling with excitement) when he finished in 13:31.  A personal best for him.  Knowing he had run his best just about had me in tears!

 Believe it or not that was not even close to advancing him to the state cross country meet.  To be a top runner at sectionals he would have had to run between a 10:30 - 12:30 race.  Holy moley!  It was still a great day and a wonderful running mommy moment!

The second thing I wanted to tell you about, was in form of a tip.  Maybe you all know this already, maybe you didn't.  I was reminded of this tip because I had a friend post and ask about buying warmer/winter tights.  It is getting rather cold in the morning.  That never deters me from lacing up and heading outside.  There is NO such thing as cold/bad weather....just inappropriate clothing.  (I make no claim to such wisdom, I'm merely passing on what I have heard many times myself.)  I told her about buying off of ebay.  It often takes time, sometimes weeks/months of searching & watching certain auctions to finally hit the jackpot.  My two warmest tights are Hind brand and I bought them for $17.00 a pair.  They were brand new with the tags still attached and that price also included the shipping.  Now (I guess that was a bit of a tip itself) but to keep the clothes in good and lasting condition I suggest you do not wash them frequently/all the time.  Your first reaction may be...ewww, gross.  Well, I'm a sweater of all sweaters so yeah, I'm not saying it's the best smelling option.  Every time you wash and dry those tights you are wearing/breaking down the fabric.  I wear mine for a week or two before actually washing them.  To help with the sweat (and smell) I do hang them out each day (as shown below):
When I'm out running on a daily basis, I'm typically alone.  If I'm not then my running partner understands.  I'm not out to win some beauty contest and I'm just going to get all sweaty/smelly again anyway.  No harm, no foul (well unless we're talking foul smelling....hahahaha).  After a few years my $17 brand new tights look as good as new.  I plan to get A LOT of wear and tear out of them!  Just my little tip to help you along during this cold weather running.

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