Sunday, October 28, 2012

Worst Race EVER!

This will be brief.  Since I planned on starting my giveaway tomorrow, I didn't want to give a race recap about the Screaming Pumpkin until Tuesday.  However, I feel there is one HUGE detail that I must tell you all about asap.

I hang my head in complete shame to tell you that I have my first ever DNF!!!!  *shock*  *gasp*  That's right, you can all walk away and stop following my blog now because I QUIT!

Ok, so I don't need to be quite so dramatic.  I'm not completely filled with shame (just a little) and I know that my true friends and followers love me/my blog for ME and not for how I perform in running & racing.  Some of you might even be relieved that I'm not so perfect after all.  I'm human and I finally failed at a racing endeavor.  A little bit of humble pie might have been long over due for me anyway. 

For now it's best to sum Friday night up into my worst race EVER!  Many circumstances I can blame on the race itself, some of it was just nature and how my body responded to things, etc.  However I don't blame anyone/anything for my quitting but myself.  It was a choice *I* made based on the events of the evening.

I did manage to finish half of the race.  I ran 13.1 miles.  Even though I didn't get the full course done I gave it what I did have before calling it quits.  This race is not your typical marathon anyway.  I waited for my friends (who were there running as a relay team) to finish, grabbed all my swag and got out of there.  I wanted to get as far away from that race and that night as possible.

So there, I've fessed up.  I've been holding it in.  I cringe every time someone asks me about the race and haven't posted too much about it at all on facebook.  I'm full of emotions right now over it that range from high to low.  I promise to give you a full report of the race later this week.

Look closely, I altered my medal.

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