Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Team Tough Chik Reminder

I've logged on several times today to blog, but just sat here staring at the screen.  I am really....REALLY in a slump.  Emotional one I think.  I have a few things here and there that I'm a little down on, but overall I really  have so much to be to be thankful for and happy about.  I'm hoping it's just the crazy weather that has me out of sorts.  Normally I'd go run it out, but remember, I'm trying to be good.  Resting and building up for my marathon this Friday night.  I'll be ready to bust down the gates when it comes time to run it, although it's not your usual race so time and pace, etc. won't even matter.  Even so I'll have a good time. 

So since I am not running as usual I still needed to come up with something to post.  I almost just bailed on y'all for the day.  No one says I HAVE to post everyday.  Anyway....

I wanted to remind you about joining Team Tough Chik.  You only have until Monday, October 29 to join this amazing team!  It has changed my life for the better and I have met some really great people.  If you haven't looked at it yet then don't hesitate.  Join now!!!!

Sorry, guys I know I just excluded you.  I noted this morning on my facebook status about boys and their non stop need to make noise.  Of course I typed it while being extremly annoyed by my own son's continuous and variable sounds.  I fully realize that some boys grown men never outgrow this habit.  So we put up with your little noises and ridiculous childlike fascinations.  Just like you put up with our little emotional slumps and girls only clubs.  It all works out in the end, right?!?!

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