Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Tuesday's Tunes - Compliment and Clarification

I ran nice and early this morning.  There was a lot of scampering squirrels and rabbits.  Add some swirling, crunching leaves and I was a little jumpy on my run.  I'm still working on Run This Town, but am to the point where I need to run in neighborhoods that are much further from home and in places I'm not as familiar with.  Which is another reason why I'm deferring a lot of my runs to the afternoon times.  Some days though I just need to get it done and over with, like today.  I am running out of 5 a.m. places to run though.  Some neighborhoods I simply will not run in unless it's broad daylight out.

Here are the tunes that kept me company on my run:
How Can I Fear - Shelly Hamiliton
Gangstas Paradise - Coolio Feat. L.V.
Lamb of Glory - Ralph Carmichael Orchestra
Piano Man - Billy Joel
7 Things - Miley Cyrus
The Name of the Game - Mama Mia Soundtrack
Start of Something New - High School Musical Soundtrack
So What! - P!nk
Happy Girl - Martina McBride
Numa Numa - Dan Balan
We Are the World 25 for Haiti

I wanted to share a compliment that I heard about myself yesterday.  It's one of those that some may not consider a compliment, but I do.  As unusual as it may sound I just have to laugh and embrace it.  I was approached by a friend and co-worker Beth.  We had both just attended a ladies retreat over the weekend that was put on by our church.  Other than seeing each other we didn't really have any direct interaction with each other.  During this retreat we heard a great and powerful speaker and then we broke out into table talk to discuss what we had heard.  I'm not sure but somehow the topic of me came up at Beth's table.  She said this happens a lot (my name getting brought up, in a good way....of course!) and the topic (of course!) turned to my exercising and running habits.  Someone exclaimed at the table "well, we can't compare ourselves to Carmen.....she's not even human!"  Awwwwww....how touching!  I'm flattered...really!!


I wanted to clarify a teeny bit about the Wildcat 50k .  While there is no registration process, thus no registration fee, they do ask for a donation of some kind.  This race is meant to help raise money for the construction of a playground within the park and other park improvements.  If you have never been to Wildcat Den, oh are you missing out.  This place is AWESOME!  The race and course is also set up so that you don't have to run the full 50k.  There are 6 mile loops that wind through out the park.  There is no shirt, no race bib, no counters, etc.  Just you, the trail, a 50k (or less, if you want) and your honor saying that you showed up and ran it.  This race is very low key, but I guarantee that it is not only organized by great runners, but you will find a top notch group of participants that show up.  Take a look at it...give it a try....what have you go to lose?

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