Tuesday, April 9, 2013


It would be easy to not post today.  I've been having a good productive day.  The last thing I want to do is get "sucked" into the computer.  I've already been on here enough.  Mostly doing things that really need to be done.  Since I did pinky promise to post about my running goals then here I go....

With every race I have many levels of goals that I set.  I've seen it best summed up on the blog It's Just One Foot in Front of the Other.  She puts it in the format of My I FINISHED goal, My I CAN goal, My I LOVE IT goal, My I DREAM IT goal.  My different levels are along those lines.  I hope to start putting that into use for future pre race posts.  Maybe not every race, every time, but definitely some of the big ones that I have big goals & dreams for.

To sum up my month of racing here is a shorter version.  I already stated (after the fact) that for the half marathon I wanted to break my 3 year PR.  Done!  My next three races I'm much more laid back about.  They are just fillers for the next 2 weeks until the marathon.  In theory if these races suck, but I in turn have an awesome marathon then I'm ok with that.  Being super competitive though I don't really want them to suck, especially since they are local ones.  One of them I have won several times as well.  (No pressure Carmen!)  My big focus is at the end of the month with the Illinois Marathon.  That race I WILL post specific goals for.  Big picture/bottom line:  Qualify for Boston.

I've already spent more time than I wanted to on this post today.  Laundry needs to switched over again, supper needs to be started and the sun is peeking through begging for me to come sit in it for awhile.  Look for future posts on my races & goals.  I'll break it all down for you and keep dragging bringing you along while I run everywhere.


  1. Good luck with the Illinois Marathon! Hope you get your BQ time!

  2. Will be praying about your qualifying. Always remember...you rock, gf!!