Wednesday, April 3, 2013

March Rewind

I'm putting a vlog post on hold so that I can catch up on a few items.  Mostly going back to recap the month of March.  It's quickly slipping away from us and with April being a big, busy month for me I don't want to let it slide any longer.

For the month of March I logged 192.42 miles.  Yes, it was tempting to go on an extra run just so I could round that up to an even 200.  Either way, 192.42 is the highest mileage month that I have ever had.  Yes, it helped that 31 of those miles was in one day for a formal race, but even if you take that away I still hit an all time high.  Yaaaaay!  That brings my yearly total up to 475.82 miles.  I am slightly behind on my miles for Run This Year, but I'm not too worried.

In a nutshell my running is at it's all time best.  At least in terms of miles.  My pace varies greatly.  I can run anywhere from 6 minute intervals to 11 minute I don't think I can take another step recovery runs.  Some runs come with great easy whether I'm trying to push my pace or not and others seems near impossible.  Of course, there is the whole spectrum of training pace vs. race pace, which again can vary depending on distance.  My training pace is always slower than race pace.  That's normal (I think).  I read that you are to do some training runs at race pace, but I don't seem to ever get that done.  Come race day though I know I can turn it on and go at the pace I want or hit an overall time frame that I am shooting for.  For course all this is subject to a lot of other factors.  I can run and train and whatever pace I want, but come race day it can all come together or fall apart.  Overall I just shoot for good solid running.  Yes, I have paces and goals in mind, but I try to focus on the big picture of being out there and getting a good healthy run done.  I don't like to complicate it, I just want to run!!

I'm really looking forward to what April is going to bring.  It's big in terms of racing, which I will touch base on tomorrow.  Racing, or not, I'm still looking forward to what I can put out in terms of miles.  The (oh so slowly) warming temps is going to help a lot.  Keep hanging in there with me while I share my adventures of running everywhere!!

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