Thursday, April 11, 2013

Three Things Thursday: Vlog, Tired and introducing MM

I made a vlog to post yesterday.  I did!  Except my camera wouldn't cooperate with the uploading and it took hours and eventually I quit messing with it.  Then I worked on it again today, because I was going to still link it, but when you view it on my youtube channel there is no audio.  This happened last week on my family youtube channel.  The raw file on my computer works and sounds just fine, but when I load it to youtube, no sound?!?!?  It wasn't some fantastic earth shattering video that I made yesterday and I'm just not in the mood to mess with it so for now it's just going to sit there.

I will tell you that what I vlogged about was how tired I was.  Like, no energy, totally blah, not feeling my best tired.  Let's face it, I'm tired 99% of the time...I have a busy and demanding life.  For the most part I can handle it, but yesterday and now today it's different.  Yesterday I tried to push through and act like it was no big deal.  I still went through the motions of a full workout.  I cut myself a little slack, but not much.  There was no joy or energy in any of it.  It didn't help that I was up late last night, but it's not like I was falling asleep with ease either.  I had a bit on insomnia.  Very unusual for me.  So far today I'm listening to my body.  Even though my alarm was set for a 5 a.m. run, I slept in until 5:30 before I had to get up and teach class.  Aside from that I haven't gotten too much work done.  I even gave in and took a nap.  I don't normally nap, especially not in the morning hours and if I do then typically a short 20 minutes does me wonders.  Nope this was a deep & heavily drooling on my pillow sleep.  I feel a little better, but I'm still dragging.  Of course, I will still head out for a run this afternoon.  Basic, easy 2 miles.  Nothing more, nothing less.

~Mommy Matters~
I have a family blog that I started many years ago.  I used to put my blogging heart and soul into it before you all came along and won my attention.  I slowly stopped posting on that blog.  Don't worry, it felt right with the timing of certain other life events.  I do sometimes miss posting about my family so much....but yet I don't think it justifies keeping that blog alive.  So I wanted to incorporate some of it on here.  I promise not to constantly rant and rave and post a million pictures of my kids.  Not that that is a bad thing, but it's not the focus of this blog.  As I mentioned last week though that running is the primary focus BUT it wouldn't be She Runs Everywhere and I wouldn't be 6packmomma if it wasn't for my life as a mommy.  So it's hard to ignore one without the other.  One is just as much a part of me as the other.

So I plan to sprinkle in a little more of my life into my blog.  Off the top of my head maybe it will be just once a week with this little section called Mommy Matters.  I wasn't planning that, it just happened and makes sense.  Sometimes that is just how things work out.  We'll see how it goes.

I wanted to share this picture of my oldest.  She is a Gadet for her local high school.  They dance...NOT cheer.  Big difference!  For the first time in the history of the squad they were picked last summer as the top squad in their class for the state of IL.  That qualified them to compete in the National Dance Competition in Florida amongst all the other top schools in the U.S.  In a nutshell, she's a pretty awesome dancer.  Running, not for her life.  Give that girl some music and she can move like no other.  I'm so proud of her!

Today are tryouts for next years squad.  Being on the squad one year is not a guarantee for all her h.s. years.  She must make the cut every year.  I know she'll do great, but I still get nervous for her.  Just like I get nervous before almost every race.  She may not ever run (I still have hopes for her someday), but she'll give it 100% and that is all I can ask for!

(Photos &  collage by: Debbie McKillip)


  1. Your sweet girl looks exactly like you!

  2. Good luck to your daughter in tryouts! You two look so much alike.