Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Lock Laces review

Another busy day of not being on the computer.  Lots of laundry has been done, lots of muffins made from scratch have been baked, eaten and the rest put up in the freezer.  Plenty of yelling, scolding and I'm ready to beat this child  "are you serious?" moments with the kids home all day.  Lots of....oh, ok, I did spend time on the computer this morning going through my email inbox.  It was in desperate need of attention.  I can only stand it for so long.  So now it's all cleaned up and good to go for awhile.  I did also take the time (even though it was cold & windy) to sit outside for awhile, basking in the sun while reading a book.  I'm not a total slave driver, although my kids would contest that notion.  And, of course, I took the time to run this morning with my running partner.  We were both tired, a bit grouchy and slow moving, but we got in 5 miles and our little corner of the world was a-ok for awhile.

Still sticking with the plan to give you a review of the Lock Laces..  I had been hearing a lot about this product via the many running blogs that I am addicted to  read and follow.  Everyone was raving about them and giving them away like candy.  I entered many giveaways, but didn't win any. They are not that high priced, but having not tried the product it was hard to spend any money on the product even with the rave reviews I was reading.  Plus I'm cheap thrifty as all get out!!  So I figured it wouldn't hurt to directly ask the company for a pair to review myself and maybe a few to giveaway too.  Lock Laces didn't hesitate to say yes and put them in the mail asap!!  Awesome possum!!

I didn't choose the colors, they picked them for me.  They have many great colors, I would have a hard time choosing anyway.  Even when they came I had serious debate as to which color to try myself.  I decided to pick a color that would best match my shoes.  Plus that left the fun, funky colors to giveaway.  Yes, I am always thinking of you my devoted readers.

I understood the concept of the laces, but it still seemed to take me awhile to get them inserted and figured out.  I had a hard time getting the little nubby things on the end.  It doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure it out, but my 12 year old son was awfully helpful.  He quickly pointed out that I was putting them on upside down.  Well, that would explain why I couldn't get them to snap shut.  (Hey, I've never claimed to be the sharpest pencil in the box.)

(One with the Lock Laces, one without)

Once I had them install and fastened I felt snug as a bug and never gave another thought to tightening them again.  They make getting my shoes off and on very simple.  I never had big shoe tying issues before, but I know the all too familiar feeling of my shoes slowing loosening up and needing to be retied to keep them snug and secure feeling.  No more, I'm looking to replace all my shoes with Lock Laces.  My kids are all gaga over them and I've been telling all my friends about them too.  (Today during our run we had to stop twice so rp could tie her shoes, she said "ack!  I need to win a pair of your Lock Laces!!")  I really wish I could have 100s of pairs to give away (I'm such a giver), but you'll have to settle for trying to win 1 of 2 pairs I am giving away here.
Thank you Lock Laces for giving me a pair to try, you have me convinced and I'll slowly, but surely be switching all our shoes over to this product.  Of course, I might just need a pair in each color too!!


  1. I'm completely OBSESSED with lock laces, the product AND their customer service! I'm amazed how many they giveaway! That aside the price is worth every penny. I want to buy more shoes to put more lock laces on them lol!

    1. Not sure I can say I'm obsessed, but I can't wait to get more to put on my other shoes and for my kids too.