Monday, January 23, 2012

Music Monday - rest, rest, rest.

I am competing in an indoor sprint Triathlon next Sunday, January 29.  So it occurred to me that I should take it very easy this week.  You know, rest up, for the big day.  And for, at least, part of the week after I should give myself a break to recover.  Except one little problem.  Well, some might argue that it's big.....but that would be my mouth.  Since I had to air such high ambitions of a running streak I can't seem to really truly take a break or rest day(s).  Not in a true sense, as in do nothing physical. 

I want to keep with my streak and run at least a mile each day, even if that is the only thing that I do.  If I had thought about it I would have held off & waited until after my race & a few days recovery THEN promoted my running streak.  You might think....well, what's the big deal.  Stop the streak, then pick back up.  True, true.  Often when I am issued a challenge, by either myself or others I get stubborn determined and want to stick with it.  I wish I would be this way more with other areas of my life.  Like food/my eating or cleaning my house, etc., things that I admittedly could do better at, but just let slide from what is most ideal and/or perfect for me.

Coming off my frustrating year of running last year I see this running streak as quite attainable.  I could easily argue that "only" running 1 mile IS taking it easy.  Maybe not true rest.  I don't get that anyway.  Before I sat down to get this done I vacuumed my entire downstairs.  Living room, dining room, front hallway & my bedroom.  It took me about 45 minutes.  Not because it was that dirty, but because I moved several things like both sofas, the end table, all the dining room table chairs & more.  Yeah, how is that resting?!?!?!?!  I was all hot & sweaty when I got done & earned (or so I told myself) the two made from scratch mint chocolate chip oatmeal muffins I made yesterday.

I don't think I know how to truly rest & take it easy.  I'm just not made to do it very much.  That's neither good or bad.  It's just me.  SO!  I ran today 1 mile, taught my cardio class and swam my race distance of 1/2 mile.  It was my last swim workout to finish before race & I can't get out of my teaching obligations.  Well, I could, but I can handle this.  I'm still 6 days away from my race.  Still plenty of time to "rest".

No video from today.  I kept forgetting.  I had to cram a lot into my morning and went from one thing to the next and before I knew it I was flying out the door to get the kids off to school.  I did remember to pay attention to my playlist, which is short due to the short run.

Rise and Sing by Fee 
Rock This Party (Everybody Dance Now) by Rob Sinclair
Rompe by Daddy Yankee

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  1. Okay, all of the running chit chat is very interesting but when you say something like mint chocolate chip oatmeal muffins I stop dead in my tracks. Mmmmmm. Those sound very yummy. Recipe please!