Sunday, January 15, 2012

Dashing through the snow....

I've had several busy days and really haven't taken the time to sit down and even be on the computer very much. Shocking, I know. It's a rare occurrence.

The weekend started off busy celebrating my Nina's birthday. Total pre-teen hormone chaos filled our house & my time as we celebrated 12 years with my baby girl. (Note: I call all 4 of my girls, baby girl).

Saturday morning, I was (sheepishly admitting, contrary to my earlier statement) partial glued to the computer religiously tracking the Olympic marathon trials. If I wasn't sitting her cheering my favorite runners on I was fixing and feeding over a dozen people before getting them out the door.

Next we as a family, in conjunction with our Bethel Baptist Church family, worked Saturday morning to pack food to ship off to Africa. Lots of scooping, sealing & packing went on that day. Our little bit to help give to literal starving people in other parts of the world.

The previously mentioned Olympic trials was later broadcasted on tv and it was just the motivation I needed to jump on the treadmill and get a run done. Even though I knew the results of the race, there I was bouncing around with excitement as they toed the start line & made their way through the course. After my run I joined my hubby in the pool to help him work on his form. We have a triathlon in 2 weeks. Yikes...time is running out!!

Today is a typical Sunday. I had to be up early to sing in the church choir. The rest of the family joining me later for the rest of our church routine. The day was shaping up quite nicely. As we made our way home the sun shone brightly, the temps were close to 40 and I resolved that I WAS going to run outside. I don't run too often on the weekends. Since I had skipped Thursday & Friday already I was tired of excuses and just wanted to get out there. I bundled up and headed out.

I wanted something different so I headed to Lake Storey. I haven't run out there in months. Two things stopped me in my tracks before I even got out of my car. First, as I pulled up I could see that the bike/run path was not cleared at all. From what I could see it was 100% snow covered. *gulp* Even though it crossed my mind to bring my snow/ice grippers I had forgotten in my quick escape from the house since (baby) Carmen was becoming clingy. Secondly as I sat in my car, thinking if I should really run on the snow covered trail I noticed the wind. Kind of hard not to, it was the type of wind that howled and rocked my car. I was already forewarned of this as I drove to this spot and saw several flags flapping around quite crazily. My motivational talk was quite amusing I'm sure. I laughed. I whined. I barked at my self like a drill seargant. Finally I stepped out of my car and just ran.

I can't say it was a fantastic run, but it really wasn't bad at all. Not that I want to run in those conditions everyday, all the time. Every once in awhile....ok. I'm happy that I pushed through the whole 5 miles. It even put me in the right place at the right time as a stranger with his son approached me looking for the perfect place to go sledding. He said he was new in town didn't know where to go. Once I gave them instructions to "Suicide Hill" the shriek of excitement and sparkle in the boys eye made me very happy that I ran what I did which put me there for them. It made it worth every bit of snow I had to run through. All 5 miles of it.

Some pictures I took on my ipod during my run. I was really pretty out. I know the picture quality isn't too great, but it's better than nothing.

So glad to be done and always with a smile on my face : )

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