Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Tuesday's Treasure

I have long been inspired by my running friend Rob who looks for treasures when he is out running.  Recently my running group that I lay claim to (even though they are all over an hour away) also issued the challenge to be on the look out for different, unique, funny items when out for a run.  Since I'm looking for specific themes to post about each day I thought I would deem Tuesday my treasure hunting day.  I'm not really hunting though, just keeping my eye out and picking something up along the way.  Actually since being inspired by Rob I've paid a lot more attention to what is out there along the way.  I've just never stopped to pick anything up or blog about it.  I will still keep my eye out for things and if it is worth it I will pick it up even if it's not Tuesday.

I actually set out to do this last Tuesday.  The particular route I picked though yielded me nothing but a bunch of trash.  Although, you may argue that what I found today was indeed trash.  What I saw last week really was trash though.  If I had a bag with me I would have collected some of it along the way.  I may do that someday.  I think I saw a dozen or two pop cans/bottles.  No particular one jumped out to me as special or treasure-ful so I abandoned the idea, at least for that day.

Here is the official kick off of my Tuesday's Treasures.  I had James, the front desk guy, at the Y take a picture on my ipod.  It was comical because I asked him to take my picture and he was like "are  you serious?"  I laughed & had to explain the whole blog thing.  I'm sure he thinks I'm weird.  That's ok.   He was already giving me strange looks when I walked in the door with my treasure.  I'm just doing my part to keep his morning interesting.  You know because we don't get enough of that from our wide variety of weirdos members that stream through the doors at pre-dawn hours. (Don't worry, I really love our members.  Besides I AM one of those weirdos).   Anyway, thank you to James for his help.  It's not that great of a picture, but you get the point.  I decided to keep my treasure.  It's in my basement after a good washing.  Trust me, someday I'll be saying.....remember that lid that I found one day while running....

I talk about my treasure in my video:


  1. Hannah used to find great stuff 'dumpster diving' in Chicago. I'll be watching to see what YOU come across, gf! If you find any knitting needles, I call dibs! *giggle*

  2. Well, that's really cool. Glad to be an inspiration. I found a Rubbermaid tub by the roadside (while driving) and eventually found a lid without a tub (in the gym at my apartment building). I use the combo to store cans until I get enough to take to the recycling center. So, hold on to that lid; you may find the bottom part someday. :)