Friday, December 30, 2011

Go Ahead......LAUGH

For your viewing fun, pleasure and because you might need a really good laugh, I made this vlog post for you.

First, here are some pictures I took during my 2 hours in the dental chair.  I also got a lot of reading done and listened to my ipod the whole time.  So I didn't mind.  Once you take away the long pointy needles pushing into my gummy flesh and the sounds & smell of drilling away at my teeth it was really a very relaxing visit.  Not to mention my dentist does a great job at taking his time (which I take as taking time to do the job right), making sure I'm comfortable and is just great all around.

This was taken when I only had 1 area numb.  I ended up with 3 total.  So this is not as bad as it is in my video. 
 I actually didn't mean to take this picture.  I was trying to use my camera to look into my mouth.  I actually *hate* the look of my mouth when it's open like this.  Too much metal, reflective of my extensive fillings through out the years.  It actually looks slightly better than in the past because of my new crown on the lower left side that I had done in natural color.  Since I'm sharing about this ridiculous, albeit normal, and maybe just not blogged about very much aspect of my life I included it.  Open up and say AHHHHHHHHH.

And for your kicks today...enjoy the video. My kids were on the floor laughing so hard. If I didn't know any better I'd say I had a little too much happy gas. But this dental office ( Galva Family Dentistry ) doesn't use that. So I guess it's fair I'm just being my normal quirky self.


  1. O. M. G. That was hilarious. I particularly liked how you kept wiping away non-existent drool from the right corner of your mouth. And the lithpy, slurred speethch. Crack. Me. Up. We will talk dentistry on the way to Kewanee. My grandpa was a dentist. I've posted a photo of the display of false teeth molds I have from his office.

    Oh, so many inappropriate comments to make, whether un-P.C. or just, you know, inappropriate. I know you're a respectable woman so I'll refrain.

  2. Videoing and driving while under the influence? Wow! That's some serious talent!

  3. I was not driving! Silly girl! I was sitting in my van right outside the dental office. I might be crazy, but I'm not stupid!