Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Making it count

This week has been going miserably in exercise terms. Last week, Wednesday, more specifically, was the first day the kids had no school. I went to the Y and spent 3 whole hours there. It was awesome! I ran, lifted a full set of weights for upper & lower body, did some ab work and finished off with a 1/2 mile swim. Yeah, bay-bee, that is what I'm talking about! I would love to do that everyday! I figured with this 2 1/2 week Christmas break I was so gonna rock it Carmen style. Then....

Then....the holidays set in. Because I had stalled so much on any Christmas preparations I was left going non stop and with little sleep. That set me up for an epic fail with the great & awesome exercise plan. Oh and it also set me up for a lot of high calorie, junk food, non stop snacking binges. I've never denied that I LOVE FOOD! Mmmmm, nom - nom - nom, get me something to eat now! Healthy or not, just get me some food and nobody gets hurt!

Ok, but hey, it's the holidays! Enjoy it! I only live once. I will only have 1 Christmas where I'm 35. This is it! I'm all about everything in moderation and eating healthy, paying attention to calories in vs. calories out...blah, blah, blah. There are a few times where I'm like "screw it!". Just forget it all and live in the moment and just not care. This has been one of those times. While it's all great at the time, I fully realize that it all catches up to me and I must take the time to undo what I have carelessly, albeit blissfully, done.

Another aspect to this all is that with the kids off of school, my mojo and normal schedule gets all out of whack. Having 6 kids is demanding, even when most of them are older. They demand my attention and want to *gasp* spend time with me. I embrace the whole "I only live once" philosophy in many areas of my life especially with my kids. This will be the only Christmas where I have a 16 - 4 year old. Enjoy it! I am taking advantage of the late night movie marathons, the making cookies and treats all day, the let's deep clean the living room now that I have 6 extra helpers to make it go faster days (hey, who said everything had to be done on their terms and to their advantage?).

As much as I am embracing & enjoying this all, I still can't ignore the effects it has on my body. Since it has been a week it is REALLY adding up!! Mentally I'm always making plans for this workout and that workout. The reality of the above mentioned 6 kids at home, keep thwarting my plans. Which is ok to a large degree. It just makes me think outside of the box. So when I took the kids swimming last night I turned it into a workout. I did not stand still while in the pool. I ran/jogged in place or did lunges and squats. If we ventured into the deep end I did not take any floatation device with me or hang onto the sides. I had to tread water the whole time. A few times I had to do that with a 4 year old attached to my neck. That IS quite the workout. The living room we deep cleaned required a lot of lifting a moving since I not only cleaned but re-arranged the whole room.

My point though is I don't have to spend 3 hours at the gym to call it a workout. Life is a workout! At least my life is and I have no doubt many of yours is too. If you find yourself short on time or sleep and just can't get it all in like you want to. Find little ways to work it in and make it count. It's better than nothing. I reminded a running friend recently when he lamented about his speed that he is faster than the person sitting on the couch. Sometimes that is all that matters.

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  1. It is so true that life is a workout! I just got back from the girls bike riding, which included me running next to (and holding up if we're being honest) my 5 year old. It was a major workout! I am also planning to head out and rake leaves, that is a workout! Enjoy the kids vacatiion, as much as I go crazy we're having lots of fun!