Tuesday, December 13, 2011

(Insert title here)

I'm so not feeling the creative juices in terms of a title for this rambly mambly blog post.  Why does there need to be one anyway.  Oh, yes, because I'm OCD and just can't go without one.  Will drive me crazy.  Short drive, huh?!!?!  So insert your own, or just read on to what I had written to begin with:

A week!?!?!?!  How could you let me go a week and not blog?!?!?!? (yes, it's totally YOUR fault).  Actually, I did START to blog so that should count for something.  I just didn't finish that post.  It's still sitting there, waiting until who knows when.  I might break down & make it into a vlog since it will take me an eternity to get it all written down.  The only reason I haven't yet is A) time and 2) I was afraid of breaking down & crying too easily.  I know y'all are being understandable about me just getting back from Mexico & then losing my friend Joy to cancer.  *siiiiigh*, yeah it has been rough.  But really, I'm O.K.!  (That's a lead to whole other blog post, so I'll just leave it at that).

Since I have you here I'm sure you will more than understand, that if I don't post this now and get out the door I will not get a workout done at all today.  Well minus my pilates class this a.m.  Or even if I don't workout I will not get all my housework done.  I'm at my daily dilemma.  Go workout OR get a lot of stuff done in the house.  I know it's a win-win no matter what.  But I either workout and not get all my housework done OR get all my housework done and feel like I am a fat cow.  Yes, I said FEEL.....I realize that I am not!

I'm having this dilemma more than usual as I have changed my training habits (note, I did not say plan) for the time being.  I KNOW, I have not told you about that YET.  Again....a whole other blog post that I have mentally written yet failed to get it onto this actual site.  If y'all could just tap into the vast craziness of my mind you would be hooked up with all sorts of great stuff.  Ok, so I'm off now.  I have posted.  I feel a little better about my slacking blogging habits.  Time to get some work done!!!!

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