Tuesday, April 24, 2012

100th POST!


Yes!  That is my drum roll for my 100th post on She Runs Everywhere!

I'm rolling out the big carpet and having my first ever GIVEAWAY!   Oooooooo, that's right ladies and gentlemen.  Sit up straight and pay attention!

On Sunday, June 3, Galesburg will hold it's inaugural half marathon.  That's right....13.1 miles winding through town and it's outlying area and not once will you cross over a set of railroad tracks.  That right there is a miracle in this town that has on average 7 trains PER HOUR pass through it's tracks!!!!  Many people have been hard at work for the last several months to make The Galesburg Half Marathon Express  a great success.  I want to do my part in helping ensure that.

 Thanks to the most generous & wonderful owner of Go Outside & Play Running Co.  I have one half marathon registration to GIVE AWAY FOR FREE!  I'm going to make this simple and easy to have many chances to enter.  Listen up, take notes & ask questions if you have any.

How do I get entered into the drawing?
You may have a total of 10 entries for this giveaway.  For each one of the items listed below leave me a comment and let me know that you have done what I asked.

What do I need to do for each entry?
*Like Go Outside and Play Running Co. on facebook - 1 entry
*Like The Galesburg Half Marathon Express on facebook - 1 entry
*Like She Runs Everywhere on facebook - 1 entry
*Subscribe to my blog, see side of blog for this sign up - 1 entry
*Sign up for email delivery of my blog, see side of my blog for this sign up - 1 entry

*For a bonus 5....FIVE entries, you can blog or facebook about this giveaway.  Make sure you link this blog or She Runs Everywhere facebook page in the give away.

If you don't want to enter the drawing I'd still be awfully excited if you did the above mentioned anyway.  I'm at a point that I want to up my blog readership and take it to the next level.  Who's with me?

Go and check your calender.  See if you can make it to what I'm sure is going to be a fun and amazing race.  Please note that this giveaway is only available to adults age 18 or older.  Give away if for race entry only.  All other expenses needed to complete the race (ie transportation, gas, hotel, food, etc.) is at your own expense.  Give away is non transferable so please double check and make sure you can come run before you sign up and possibly win.

You have until Thursday, May 3 to sign up for the giveaway.  Winner will be announced on Friday, May 4th.  You have plenty of time peeps, but don't wait until the last minute and get left out.  Spread the word and spread the love : )


  1. I can't believe I didn't follow you already. My bad. I do now. And I liked everything. You'll be tomorrow's blog subject, so another 22 people will know about you.

  2. Hey Carmen! On facebook I have liked Go Outside and Play, The Galesburg Half Marathon Express, and She Runs Everywhere Blog.I think I have also subscribed to your blog and get email delivery. I haven't yet linked to your blog about the give away since I haven't tried to figure out how to do it yet.

    But, since I have already registered for the 1/2 marathon, I guess I don't need to win an entry. : ) I just enjoy reading your blog and want others to know about the 1/2 marathon and the wonderful running store in Galesburg.

    Good luck this weekend at the IL marathon! Happy Running!

    Kath Sturgeon

  3. I think I misunderstood the rules, re: comment for each requirement. And to think, I read for a living. So, I already had liked the Half Marathon Express page.

  4. Oh, and I already liked Go Outside and Play on FB, a long time ago.

  5. Yes, I now like She Runs Everywhere on FB, too.

  6. And I signed up for email notification of your blog, which took me forever to figure out. I think I'm an idiot sometimes. OK, most of the time.

  7. And ... by now you know I've blogged about your blog and the super awesome giveaway. Whew! There, I think I've commented sufficiently to meet all requirements. And that was hard (what a pain those funky letter gibberish thingies are).

  8. I shared the link for this on my FB page. Good luck!

  9. I have done the liking and contest announcement, but I'm having trouble posting it.


  10. Ok, it's all complete...

    I liked: Go Outside & Play Running Co on Facebook, The Galesburg Half Marathon Express on Facebook, and She Runs Everywhere on Facebook

    I also subscribed to this blog...She Runs Everywhere...by email.

    I also posted about this awesome contest...thanks!

  11. I saw this on Run With Jess's twitter feed and have been searching for a Half Marathon to run. Plus, I now see you have 6 kids?!!! I will need to learn how you do it! I thought I was busy with my 4... :-)

    New to your blog so I am about to follow you every which way!! Just started to follow your blog...

  12. I've like Galesburg HM on Facebook too!

  13. I like Go outside and play on Facebook too!