Friday, April 13, 2012

Friday's Findings's Friday! It's later in the evening. A rare evening with nowhere specific to go or do. So I'm home relaxing in my jammies and trying to not let my headache get too out of control. As promised, I am FINALLY posting on a Friday which as planned I will show you what I've been out collecting on my runs. Only one thing is not shown. I found a GHS student id one day and my daughter so kindly turned it into the office before I could get a picture of it. So let me post my pics and see if you see some kind of theme here.

Blue Rubbermaid tote lid.  My second one to find this year.  It's in my basement.  Black running shorts, they fit my husband.  Assortment of liquor bottles.  Humana insurance card.
 Vodka bottle.  Justin Bieber pajama pants.  Found those going through Lincoln Park on one of my Jelly Bean Virtual Run 5ks.  A knife.  Found during a 5 a.m. run.  I picked it up and then ran while laughing hysterically.  I have a HUGE joke that runs between a few certain friends about me chasing them to get them to run.  I was also greatly amused with my shadow that looked a little freakish of my running with knife held high & ready to attack.  I did attempt to hide the knife while other cars passed by.  I didn't want anyone calling the cops to report me.  Later in the run I DID see a police car so I tucked the knife up my sleeve.  I felt like a fugitive.

This is an up close shot of the first picture.  The little Jim Beam is what started it all.  Will expand on that in a minute.
 I don't know why Blogger turned this picture on it's side.  I even tried to reload it, but this is how it keeps coming up.  Anyway.  More liquor bottles.  A recordable cd.  A tube of mascara.  Little blue flashlight that works!  Mascara was easy to spot, I used to wear that brand.  Flashlight was on top of the big hill in Rotary Park (for those local peeps who know my area).
 And, of course, this I just posted the other day.  Thank you Jess for letting me know it was a golf towel.  Although I loved taking golf as a p.e. class in h.s. (talk about an easy A, hit the ball hard enough and you spend more time walking to get the ball than actually playing golf) I'm not a golfer in any other way.  I couldn't figure out why there was only one little hole on the side.

So, if you didn't notice....I have a lot of liquor bottles in my collection.  Which is funny because I'm not much of a drinker.  I can't say never, but it's rarity for me.  It started one day while I was coming home from a run, I was just around the corner from my house and the bottle (the Jim Beam) caught my eye.  I picked it up not even realizing it was the tip of the iceberg.  Before I knew it I was seeing those little liquor bottles EVERYWHERE.  Seriously, our town has a problem!  To some that may not be a news flash, but in my little world it was.  I soon realized that a lot of the bottles I was seeing were all the same.  So I started only picking them up if they were different in style or brand.  I also decided that if it was a big bottle I would only pick it up if it was a glass bottle.  One big bottle (E&J Brandy) I found toward the end of my block just lying perfectly intact in the middle of the street. 

Hopefully when people see me running with a big bottle in my hands they think it's just a water bottle.  Of course, my husband and a few friends have raised eyebrows when they walk in and see an empty Vodka bottle sitting on my dining room table.  Again, funny, because we are a dry house yet there it sits out in the open like an everyday object.  Haha, my husband keeps teasing me about my little problem and my using my running as a cover up.

I will probably continue with the bottles, but I am getting very picky and specific of what I will pick up.  I'm always on the look out for anything as long as it's interesting.  I'm sure I'll have more items & stories to tell in the future.

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