Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Tuesday's Tunes

I was lazy not feeling my best this morning so I "slept in" and did not get out for a 5 a.m. run.    Since school is back in session I figured I could get out this afternoon for a run.  I only wanted to do 3 miles or so.  Nothing big, just a few easy miles.  I also had big hopes to get back on track with my housekeeping and normal stay at home mom duties.  I kept on track with my housekeeping and getting things done so I was mighty happy with that.  Before I knew it though I was running out of time to get a run in at all.  I literally had a 5 minute window where I either got ready to go and get it done or I didn't.  I wanted this so I made it happen.

I did my usual drop the van off at the high school so my eldest could get home and then ran to the elementry school.  The weather was a little funky.  If you stood in the sun it was quite warm, which made me nervous because I wore long sleeves and a vest.  Once I got out there though there was a strong cold wind that I had to battle.  Not fun, but I kept running anyway.  No turning back now.  I didn't get a full 3 miles in.  It was just a little over 2 miles to the school, but then I walked/jogged the boys home.  I still got something done so I was happy with that.

Here is my playlist for this run:
Electric Company - TV theme song
The Stand - Hillsong United
 Day In Day Out - David Kersh
Next Time I Fall in Love - Peter Cetera with Amy Grant
Wings As Eagles - Ron Hamilton
Glory to God Eleven22Worship
He Lives - Shelly Hamilton (this is not Shelly playing in the video, but it's her version/arrangement)
One Voice - Straight No Chaser feat. Barry Manilow


  1. I love that you post your tunes. You'd probably laugh at me: When I run, my hands are pumping to the beat, I lift my hands in praise, do a little wrist-wave action...all with my head bobbing to the beat. Not 'efficient' technique, but it keeps me moving forward...worshipping the whole way. *giggle*

  2. I'm the same way gf! When the music moves ya, even though you are already moving, then you gotta move!!!! How can someone not lift their hands on The Stand or Glory to God?!?!?!? Other songs get movement too, who can not resist giving a little head bang when Metallica or the likes comes on?!!?