Friday, May 4, 2012

Friday's Finding, a Deal & a WINNER!

I usually  have a tough time blogging on Friday's.  It's suppose to be the day I tell/show you all that I've found out on my runs.  Which, the last time I posted on a Friday I did show you all of my loot that I had been out finding and collecting.  Since then my running has been coming to an ever screeching halt.  I kept going enough to get me through my marathon and now I am officially on break for the time being (a subject to be dealt with on a later post).  So no running = little to no treasure.  I did pick up this a few weeks ago:

It initially caught my eye because due to an unplanned theme I was always on the look out for glass bottles.  Previously each glass bottle had always been from an alcoholic beverage.  When I picked this up I was surprised to see it be non alcoholic.  When I have picked up bottles in the past I always carried it thinking "I really hope people don't think I'm drinking vodka along my run".  This time I was just as embarrassed & thinking  "I really hope people don't think I'm drinking Mountain Dew while I run."  I have nothing against the sugary, bad for your health and body drink.  I'll be honest...I love me a MD from time to time.  It's not a common choice of drink though, I know how bad it is for you.  So, I'm not sure which is worse....people thinking I drink alcohol or pop while I run.  Not that it matters....who cares what people think.  Anyway, score a find for my stash.

Speaking of findings, I wanted to share a wonderful deal with you all.  If you click on this link you will find a daily deal for a $50 gift card for only $25 to Go Outside and Play a running store located here in Galesburg.  Now, even if you are not from Galesburg this is still a deal to snag.  If you live within reasonable driving distance & will be here with in the next few months (gift card is good until July 31, 2012)  then this is just the deal for you.  Aside from the great stock & product that the store carries, the owners, Nick & Tracy Pigg are absolutely phenomenal people.  The are experienced runners themselves and really know their stuff.  I'm not trying to brown nose them or anything and I'm not being paid to say this at's a great store run by really great people.  Come check it out and score some great running gear while you are at it!!  It will be worth the trip.

Last, but not least, to start off the weekend, I am going to announce the winner of my first ever giveaway.  A FREE entry into our very own local  Galesburg Half Marathon Express.  Thank you so much to the owners of Go Outside and Play for donating this prize!!  If you missed entering this giveaway, rest assure that I will have other giveaways in the future.  Not for this particular prize.  However I already contacted another company & am awaiting their product to be shipped to me to review and giveaway in the near future.  So stayed tuned for future giveaways!!  And now...time to announce our winner....
Number 26 means nothing to you because you don't know who was assigned what number.  I will admit being new to this I was a little unsure how to do somethings, so as I often do, I just learn as I go.  It may not be how others do it, but I made it work.  I took all those that entered & assigned them a number on a spreadsheet, based on the number of entries they earned.  That gave me a total of 33 entries and number 26 had been assigned to our winner:


Congratulations!  Please contact me at to give me your information and claim your prize.  Thank you to everyone who participated in my first ever giveaway.  You can still register for the Galesburg Half Marathon Express to come enjoy the race.  They even extended the rate hike deadline to May 15.  So you still have time to register at the lower price of $60 and not only get to run at a great event, but get a whole lot of swag to make it even more worth your while.  If you can't run the half marathon, please know that there is also a 5k and 1 mile run being offered that same morning.  Something for everyone.

Have a great weekend everyone!


  1. Congrats to Houla and thanks for running the giveaway. Special thanks to Houla for winning so I don't have to do the half marathon this year!

  2. In shock...THRILLED!!! Thank you to She Runs Everywhere and Go Outside and Play Running Co! You have no idea how much this means to me!