Thursday, May 24, 2012

Three Things Thursday

1.   My master summer plan is falling perfectly into place. As I blog, I am sitting out on my front porch enjoying a cup of coffee. Children are still sound asleep inside. I have taught my class and enjoyed breakfast out with my running girlfriend. Besides chatting the time away & catching up with each other we made plans to run next week, my debut run after taking a month off. is good : )

2.   I mentioned in my Bondi Band giveaway post the other day that I'm horrible at getting things in the mail even though I am married to a Postmaster who goes to the post office almost every day.   I later realized that is not good for business, so to speak, when I am promoting giving something away.  I got my rear in gear and got the Bondi Bands all packaged up & ready to mail.  All I have to do is wait for the winners information to slap on the mailing label and it will be all set to go.  I also went to the post office myself and mailed the other Bondi Bands to 2 of my favorite people.  They don't necessarily know who they are, but they will in a few days when my package arrives in their mail box.  I love surprising people with unexpected gifts in the mail.  With all this talk of Bondi Band....have you entered my Bondi Band giveaway?  Don't miss out on getting the chance to win this fabulous prize!

3.  Every summer I make more of an attempt to ride my bike around town.  My more laid back schedule helps allow for this and I use it as a way to save on gas and keep me even more active & fit.  I also like to set that example for my children to hop on their bikes and get things done instead of being dependent on me for everything.  Yesterday I set out to get a few things done.  I had to stop by the bank, go to the post office and visit my favorite (ok only, but still favorite) local running store  Go Outside and Play.  A few weeks ago I told you about a great daily deal where you could get a $50 gift card for only $25.  I purchased one myself and it had been burning a hole in my pocket.  I went in with the intention of buying a sock to help with my plantar fasciitis.  Upon getting it I was told that I had to spend the rest of my $50 or else forfeit the change.  Well, in that case let me shop around...there is always MORE that I'm wanting to buy.  I joked with Tracy that I should "buy" another Bondi Band.  I DID say the other day that I would not spend any more money on them (at least for THIS year, did ya catch that in the fine print) because owning 21 is enough (for now).  Tracy, bless her ever loving heart, let me in on a special secret.  She went into the back and pulled out a Bondi Band product that had yet to even be put on the shelf and let me purchase it!  I was so ecstatic I had to keep from screaming from the roof top!  I was able to add this precious gem to my stack of bands:

If you are a Galesburgian, I know you are INSANELY jealous right now.  Don't worry, they will be on the shelf soon enough.  Just in time to debut our upcoming Galesburg Half Marathon Express.  For now, I get to be the lone special person to own this doubly amazing product.  Bondi Band & Go Outside & Play....what can be better than that?!?!?!?

Yeah, I am pretty excited about my new band!

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