Monday, May 21, 2012

Monday's Motivation: One More Week

I didn't think I was going to get a chance to blog today. I am chaperoning a field trip to Springfield with my sons 5th grade class. It's the big end of the year trip complete with a charter bus. Sweet! I brought a book along to sit back & enjoy for more than a few minutes. Since I love history I love this trip because it is filled with stuff about President Lincoln & the Civil War. We left well before school started and will get home after everyone is gone too. I have a small window of time to fix supper (which we are having a few extra girls over tonight) and then we are off to Mandy's 8th grade recognition. So it's a busy on the go day that's not being spent at home.

Once I got on the bus though I realized it has wifi. Wow, have times changed. So because I love you all so much I am blogging from my iPod. Go ahead now....bask in my love.

It has been 3 weeks since I last ran and I have one more week to go before I resume. I can really begin to tell. Not necessarily in a physical way. I have been cross training and thanks to my better eating habits I'm not gaining weight. If anything I've continue to loose and/or maintain.   I can tell in other ways. My usual even level of hormones & emotions are not so even & level. Sure I was due for some fluctuation, but this is really getting ridiculous. I don't have that usual run to help work it all out.  I also seem to have "other" hormones that are raging and I seem like a 18 year old newlywed again.  (abslutley no complaints from my husband in that change!I've never realized how much my running regulates all my hormones before. It's making me pretty squirrelly in so many ways!

On the plus side my foot is feeling so much better! That was the whole point of the break. Mission accomplished.  Now the trick is to resume in the right fashion and to keep the foot healthy. Also on the plus side I think I will be ready to be back.   I wasn't feeling burnt out, but better to get this rest done now before it does set in. I should be good to go for this summer! I'm SO excited!!!!

I found this nice picture at a gift shop and I was going to post it, but can't figure out how to load the picture from my iPod.   So I'll just tell you the quote. Most folks are about as happy as they make up their mind to be. What a great reminder for anything in life. We may not like what is going on in our lives.  For me that would include not being able to run right now, but I've made up to be happy about it none the less. Now if I can just get my emotions and hormones to go along with this that would be even better.

Time for me to head into the Lincoln Presidental Museum.   Have a great day everyone and remember....BE HAPPY!

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